Monday, 31 January 2011

David Guetta Ft Rihanna - Who's That Chick

The words FINALLY spring to mind when watching this. This ultimate party track has been in our heads for a while and finally it has a video. Though a bit odd with space ships, candy coloured clothes and the slight resemblance to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (does anyone else see that? No? Ok). But the song is still a smash so who cares if David Guetta's attempt at being a macho driver of a space ship is a fail. Anywho, 'whhooseee that cchhiicccck! whose that ccchiicccckkkk!'

Favourite Lyric: French kissing on the floor, heart is beating hardcore, heard everybody is getting a little sexy, on the crazy juice, this will end up in the news.


LUPPPPE is back!

Hmm why haven't I seen this sooner!! After all the controversy surrounding Lupe, the album and whether it will be released or not, we finally see some material from the EP titled 'Lasers' which is in stores March 8th. This has definitely been long awaited since Lupe hasn't officially released any music since 2007, WOO-ZA!

Favourite Lyric: They treat you like a slave, with chains all on your soul, And put whips up on your back, They be lying through they teeth, Hope you slip up off your path, I don’t switch up I just laugh


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jessie J ft B.O.B - Price Tag - Official Video!

Words cant describe how much I love this women! I dont really understand the 'Coconut, Moon Head and P' bit but who cares.... :) The video is a big constrast to Do It Like A Dude! Love It.



First Justin Timberlake then T-Pain next Akon and now Nicki Minaj has jumped on The Lonely Island band-wagon. What can I say! That is a hilariously beautiful mix of comedy and music genius. Not much to say just, DO THE CREEP!


Chase And Status Album!

To describe Chase And Status's new album 'No More Idols' released on the 31st January in one word would be, HOT! The single 'Blind Faith' ft Liam Bailey gave us a little teaser of what was to come and with collaborations from Cee Lo Green, Maverick Sabre, Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Sub Focus, White Lies and many more, this album is just pure dubstep/electronica madness.
01. No Problem
02. Fire In Your Eyes (Ft. Maverick Sabre)
03. Let You Go (Ft. Mali)
04. Blind Faith (Ft. Liam Bailey)
05. Fool Yourself (Ft. Plan B And Rage)
06. Hypest Hype (Ft. Tempa T)
07. Hitz (Ft. Tinie Tempah)
08. Heavy (Ft. Dizzee Rascal)
09. Brixton Briefcase (Ft. Cee Lo Green)
10. Hocus Pocus
11. Flashing Lights (Ft. Sub Focas And Takura)
12. Embrace (Ft. White Lies)
13. Time (Ft. Delilah)
14. Midnight Caller (Ft. Clare Maguire)
15. End Credits (Ft. Plan B)

Here's one of the tracks from the album featuring Clare Maguire - Midnight Call....

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Adele - Promise This (Cover)

WOO-ZA this is beautiful! With the release of her new album '21' this year, Adele has been doing a lot over the past few months promoting the CD (which is of course one of my favourite albums of the year so far!). In doing all this promotion she stopped be the BBC Radio Live Lounge to showcase some of her new songs and this cover of Cheryl Cole's Promise This. Cheryl's version is obviously good but with Adele's stunning soulful voice it just showcases the lyrics in the song in a way that Cheryl's just didn't quite do.

This is modern soul at its best!


Katy B - Good Life

Gosh I love these unknown discoveries I find :) This is Katy B 'Good Life' remixed by Geeneus. Its definitely not on her album and I don't think its be released anyway but it is a hot tune! Great way to spice up your Saturday morning. Enjoy :)


Friday, 28 January 2011

Obsession Of The Weeeeeeeeeeek!

This week has been an extremely busy for a London teenage such as myself. Exams are coming up and the pressure is mounting but sometimes you just need a break from that to just let loose and dance! This is what this song done for my this week so my Obsession of the week is.....

Mohombi - Bumpy Ride!

In the past I wasnt such a fan of this guy but this song just keep me going all week, its an up-tempo dance track that literally just makes you wanna move. This song is taken from the Swedish-Congolese(WOO-ZA! whatta funky mix!) singer's album Movemeant and is now a dancefloor essential track for me and I'm sure you'll think the same, have a listen.... :)

Favourite Lyric: 'Its gonna be a bumpy rrrriiiddddeeeee'


Katy B Tracklist and Album Cover!

Woo! Don't you just love it when artists give little teasers of information on their new album, keeps us on our toes! This is the track list and album cover for Katy B's album 'On A Misson' which is due to be released on March 28th (Same day as Jessie J's album! Maybe a bit of an album chart war is beginning?). With 2 top chart singles already and awesome collaborations on the album, this is going to be an epic debut. Plus she's supporting Tinie Tempah on his tour starting in February and she has her own headline tour beginning in May (I have tickets!!!!), so it pretty clear to see that Katy is definitely on a mission of UK domination...

1. Power On Me
2. Katy On A Mission
3. Why You Always Here
4. Witches Brew
5. Movement
6. Go Away
7. Disappear
8. ‘Broken Record
9. Lights On Ft Ms Dynamite
10. Easy Please Me
11. Perfect Stranger
12. Hard To Get

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ellie's Got Some MMOOVVEESS!

This is Ellie Goulding's new video for her new single 'Lights'! Yes the song is great but it also shows a new side of Ellie we haven't seen yet. The sexy, hip shaking side and I kinda like it. She's got her legs out in the video and some serious hair-whipping is involved (Willow would be proud!). This vamped up look is a demonstration of this ever changing artist, I just hope we can keep up with her.



I think this is about the forth post I've made about Jessie J and this blog has only been going for a month! I just love this girl, shes original, amazing talented and stunning! This is the cover for her album 'Who You Are', due for release on March 28th and also the track list. If you've been on her YouTube account then you would have already heard 'Big White Room', 'Casualty of Love', 'Stand Up' and of course the smash hit 'Do It Like A Dude! Cant wait for this album, SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!

1. Price Tag featuring B.o.B
2. Nobody’s Perfect
3. Abracadabra
4. Big White Room
5. Casualty of Love
6. Rainbow
7. Who’s Laughing Now
8. Do It Like a Dude
9. Mamma Knows Best
10. L.O.V.E.
11. Stand Up
12. I Need This
13. Who You Are

This is her latest single 'Price tag' Featuring B.O.B!

Favourite Lyric: 'We need to take it back in time, when music made us all unite, when it wasnt low blows and video hoes'

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

NEW! Alexis Jordan - Good Girl

Not sure whether its as good as 'Happiness' but theres no doubt this girl is beautiful! This song 'Good Girl' is taken from her self-titled album and the song is due for release on February 20th.
What do you think?...

Favourite Lyric: 'You might mistake me for heart breaker, 'cause there's blood on the floor, I'm hoping you will see, there's something good in me, never seen before'


Chipmunk ft Chris Brown - Champion!

So Chris Brown is still not in all our good books, he may never get there again but opinions aside, this is a bloody good tune! This song Champion is the second single from Chipmunk's new EP and with true, hard hitting lyrics and a hot video, this is definitely a track to be proud of! Will it make the top 10? Will the British public by able to move on and forgive Chris? Who knows.....

Favourite Lyric: 'I used to see my momma getting beat down!, Is that the real definition of me now?'


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bruno Mars Mixtape!!

I have no idea where all this came from but I'm glad it turned up! Just discovered this Bruno Mars mixtape called 'Earth To Mars'! Its classic Bruno (I'm guessing its the left over tracks that didn't make the album), this is my favourite song from the 9 track mixtape :) Listen to this track 'Lost' for a taster then listen to the whole mixtape of YouTube, beautiful stuff.....


Monday, 24 January 2011

Who Sung It Better?

Well this was unexpected. I always thought 'Live Like We're Dying' was a Kris Allen song (Kris Allen meaning winner of Amercian Idol Kris Allen)! but apparently NOT. Turns out The Script recorded it first as a B-side to one of the tracks on their first album. I really like both versions but I think Kris's is more raw :) What do you think? Who sung it better?......


Sunday, 23 January 2011

TInie Tempah Ft Ellie Goulding Official Video!

FINALLY this video has been made and released from Tinie's smash album 'Disc-overy', I wont let you wait to watch it by reading my blah blah blah :) Here you go people, a beautiful Sunday treat, the official video of Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding - Wonderman.....

Favourite Lyric: I traded friends for fans cement for sand raise your hand the wonder man


Saturday, 22 January 2011

NEW ARTIST! - Parade

Fresh new girl group on the British music scene? YES PLEASE! New girl group Parade made up of Bianca, Emily,Jessica, Lauren and Sian are ticking all the boxes for awesome girl band status and its only going to get better. Their first single 'Louder' popped up on the Internet yesterday (due for release 7th March!) and if the song and video is anything to go by, then these girls are going to be around for a while. The video sees the beautiful girls dancing at a house party asking to 'turn it up LOUDER!' (sounds like my kind of party!)

The group have been signed to Atlantic Records and are currently supporting Alexandra Burke on tour so I'm almost certain we will be hearing a lot from them during the year.

Take a listen of their new single 'Louder'.....

Favourite Lyric: I gotta get a rush so I need to say your love is dangerous, but now you’re pushing zero on the meter, so go connect your body to a speaker


Friday, 21 January 2011

Obsession Of The Week! J-J-J-JESSIE JESSIE J!!!

Obsession of the week is a new weekly post I'm putting into this blog, its basically a song that I just couldn't get out of my head aaalllllll week and I one that I feel the need to share with the world (meaning beautiful you obviously)! Old or new, rock, pop, country, dancehall, it doesn't matter, all that does matter is that I had it on replay for the past 7 days. 

So my Obsession of the week this week waaasssss....… (I know,the suspense is killing you!)

YES you must know this chick by now! Do It Like A Dude is a speaker box smash and the album's official release date 'Who You Are' is on 28th March! WOO cant wait. This woman is the driving force of future pop right now and her soon to be new single 'Price Tag' featuring 2010 hit maker B.O.B just shows another side to this amazing artist. 

She writes all her own songs and here's one of my favourites that I just couldn't get out of my head - Jessie J - Who You Are...

Favourite Lyric: Brushing my hair, do I look perfect? I forgot what to do to fit the mold, yeah! 


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Skream & Example!

When you hear those names you get all excited, thinking this is going to an awesome song, ahh another to put on my party list, this is going to be the bomb! I mean I even used an ! at the end of the title but the song in fact (i think) titled 'Shot Yourself In The Foot Again' is abit of a disappointment. But hey, that's just me, listen to the song yourself and see what you think! :)



So you've heard Rihanna's album Loud right? Of course! Well you must know the song S&M then!??? Yeaaaahhhh, you know that's a HOT track but the remix is even hotter! It probably his something to do with the latest awesome rapper to come out of Amercia, J Cole. Working with artists such as Drake, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and now Rihanna, J is making wild crazy movements and his track 'Who Dat' is also a smash so yeah, I think you get the point ;) Have a listen peeeeeeps!.....

Favourite Lyric: 'Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it, sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it'


Sunday, 16 January 2011

NEW ARTIST! - So you wanna hear an Encore?!

Erm yes please! Especially if these guys are on stage...

New group Encore are the latest discovered I've found on the web. There sound is a mix of Hip-hop/Pop/Rap/RnB and is amazingly infectious plus their not bad to look at either. The group is made up of Pierre, Mark & Cairo and there signed to record label Major. Their first single 'Wind Up' is energetic and will having you definitely asking for an encore (see what I did there!? Not funny. Ok), its out on 13th February and if your a true fan of British music you should support them because they're are definitely going to be making waves in the industry (There also working with superstar producer RedOne). Have a listen to their first single 'Wind Up'...


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kesha ft Andre 3000? Huh!

WOO-ZA! Theres no way I saw this coming but thats the unpredictability of the music biz ah? I wouldnt say the song is that good but its worth listening to just to hear what the random twosome came up with :)

Have a listen ladies and gents!....

Favourite Kesha Lyric:  'I don’t mean to critique on your seduction technique, but your money’s not impressing me, it’s kinda weak'
Favourite Andre 3000 Lyric: 'God gives him his ultimatum, can’t see how momma hates him, He’s such a cool ass guy, then wonder why she date him, I’m only 8, I’m not old enough, guess it’s complicated
Two parent dwellings, expelling have got so underrated'


Friday, 14 January 2011

Alesha Dixon Ft Jay Sean - Every Little Part Of Me

Yes you heard right, Alesha Dixon ft Jay Sean! Its kinda came outta no where but this has been in the works for a while and an awesome product it has produced. The track is called Every Little Part Of Me and in the video you see the amazingly sexy Alesha Dixon dancing in a car park (kinda like the one in the Roll Deep video she did, re-used the set maybe?) in a tight revealing dress and singing about how 'your every little part of meeeeeeee'. You also have Jay Sean driving a car around London for no particular purpose just for the fact that it looks cool. The track is up-tempo and definitely going to go on my party playlist...Check out the song and video for yourself....

Favourite Lyric: 'I've never saw me falling hard, got me like I knew it, no no not not not not me, you took away my guard, guard'


James Corden Hosting The Brits!?

It has been revealed that this year's host of The Brits will in fact be James Corden (you know him! Gavin and Stacey!). This wont be Corden's first time involved in hosting The Brits though, in 2009 he co-presented with his comical sidekick Mathew Horne and with the one and only Kylie Minogue (its amazing how he actually focused on the TelePrompter!). James speaks on this epic opportunity by saying "I have always loved the Brits and I am honoured to have been asked to host such a prestigious event.", will you should be mate, its only the biggest music awards show in all of the UK! The show is set to be a even more glamorous then previous years with a new venue (London O2 Arena), acts such as Take That, Plan B and many more performing and even a statue styled by top fashionista Vivienne Westwood (I think a ooooooh errrrrrr is appropriate here!). The show will take place on February 15th and I for one cant wait!!!

From this picture alone you can tell its going to be a hilarious show! :) ^^^

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Jodie Connor - Lover Like You...

If you don't know who Jodie Connor is then refresh your memory back to the music charts of 2010 where herself and Roll Deep burst onto the scene with there number 1 hit 'Good Times'! Through this smash hit and collaborations such as 'Electric Boogie' featuring Wiley and Tinchy Stryder's 'In My System' shes already gained a big fan base that continues to grow. Her first solo single 'Now Or Never' is mid-tempo and a great start to her solo career (you probably would have heard it, it got lots of radio play). This is a song I discovered on the net a few days ago, I'm not sure if its going to be the next single but I sure hope it is! Check out the awesome song for yourself....

Favourite Lyric: 'Feels like we are steering at a love scene, but this is not a movie screen,it’s only me and you baby'


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

BOOM! Hold It Against Me...

On a few earlier posts I told you all about the rumors and facts about Britney Spear's new song and album due for release in 2011! We were all waiting for the track titled 'Hold It Against Me' to be released but now we don't have to wait! The track is another up-tempo smash which is of course gonna be a hit on the dance floor and most probably a another number 1 to put after Spears belt. Listen to the track for yourself (Cant wait to see the video!) :)

Favourite Lyric: If I said my heart was beating loud, If we could escape the crowd somehow, If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me'


Monday, 10 January 2011

You've heard of Yasmin right?

Yasmin, you might recognise her as the vocalist on Devlin's single Runaway. Shes an up-coming singer/songwriter and DJ from Manchester and is making epic waves in the music industry! Her single On My Own has a new sound that is completely original for 2011 which is released on 30th January. I cant wait to see this girl's career take off and produce an awesome album!
Here's her Live From Maida Vale session singing her song 'Finish Line', take a listen :)

Favourite Lyric: 'Who should let go, turn back, walk away and leave this all behind'

OOOOOOOH! Also, here's a cover she did a Williow Smith - Whip My Hair and Aaliyah - Back And Forth!!!!!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Far East Movement Ft Keri Hilson....

Yes, Like A G6 was a smash but were we sure these guys could pull it out the bag again and produce another hit! Well clearly there can (you were so wrong to doubt them!). Heres a track from there album Free Wired featuringt the stunning Keri Hilson called Dont Look Now :)


NEW! JLS ft Tinie Tempah...

Just discovered! The official video for JLS's new single ft Tinie Tempah. The Song is called Eyes Wide Shut also with what seems like a cubism inspired video where the 4 boys bust out some moves while chasing after one beautiful lady in a cube-like forest. The track is mid-tempo and Tinie puts a edge to the song that's extremely catchy. Its definitely a radio friendly song and as usual will have all the girls pinning for a piece of Aston, Marvin, JB and Ortise! (this guys can do no wrong!)
Favourite Lyric: 'yeah we'd a match made, your gonna be looking forward to me like a saturday'

Take a listen for yourself :)


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Kanye West And Jay-Z Album! Ooohhhhh YES!

After the initial announcement that Kanye West and Jay-Z are making an album together (oh, didn't you hear!?) hip-hop lovers everywhere have been waiting patiently to hear the LP titled 'Watch My Throne'. But finally news have come and Kanye himself has revealed that the album may hit stores in a matter of days! (OOOH is Christmas over so is it just beginning?). Mr West made this announcement just a few days ago on New Year's Eve in Vegas where Jay-Z and Coldplay were playing a set in one of the top clubs on the strip.

This album is sure to be another career highlight for Kanye as his album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' also topped many 'Best Albums of 2010' lists including Rolling Stone and Time Magazine. It seems that Kanye is back on top and doesn't feel like ever coming down....


Monday, 3 January 2011


With rumors swirling around the web about Britney Spears new single and album, no one really knows the truth about it. To clear up some rumors here are a 3 facts you need to know...

1. The single is called 'Hold It Against Me'
2. It was produced by hit makers Max Martin and Dr Luke
3. Britney's new album will be released in March

So that's all we know at the moment folks. Whenever the release date is we know that the single is sure to be another hit for Miss Spears but I guess we will all be waiting with baited breath to hear the latest announcement about the track! So watch this space ladies and gentlemen :)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hottest Film Of 2011!

With 2011 just beginning you know that new talent, music and films is just waiting to emerge from Hollywood's bursting seems. The latest hotly anticipated film to sieve out of Hollywood's juicy hands is Black Swan. Directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring the beautiful Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. With the film already getting Oscar buzz for Natalie Portman's performance (after a year of ballerina training I think that's the lest she deserves) this film is sure to catapult these two ladies into film royalty.

The film is based around Nina (Natalie Portman) who like every other serious ballerina takes there life as a dancer extremely seriously. Nina is constantly under pressure not just from herself but from her Mother and  artistic director Thomas Leroy. When Thomas Leroy is casting for a replacement for the new show Swan Lake Nina is immediately put forward for the role but she has competition from new dancer Lily (Mila Kunis). The main role requires the ballerina to play both the innocent, sweet White Swan as well as the dark, mysterious Black Swan. As the two battle it out for the role they develop a twisted friendship that begins to show the dark side of Nina, will this new dark side destroy Nina?

(I know! Sounds freaking awesome!) If you haven't seen the trailer for the amazing film yet then click play on the video below....

The official UK release of Black Swan is Friday 21st January 2011! I'll see you there...

Other Hot films on 2011 - The Hangover 2, X Men:First Class, The Green Lantern, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows Part II, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo :)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

A New Year's Gift For Little Monsters...

We've heard rumors and speculation about Lady Gaga's new album every since the women sang a line when she won an award at the VMAs this past year in that memorable meat dress. Details about when its coming out, where produced it and whats it going be called (Born This Way!) swarmed the web for weeks but on the strike of midnight Lady Gaga tweeted herself the official release dates of her latest album and single. The tweet said "THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11," meaning the single's release date is February 13th and album May 23th!

Here's the promo image that she released with the tweet....

In true Lady Gaga style its revealing, sexy and extremely naughty. It also showcases her latest tattoo of a unicorn on her left thigh.

Born This Way is gonna be massive, woo what a great way to start a whole new year of new music! :)

New Justin Timberlake!

We all know Justin Timberlake has disappeared off the music scene for a while favouring not to do a third album for the reason that 'he's not ready' (hurry up Justin! BE READY!), instead Timberlake has been making films, writing, producing and doing smash collaborations with artists such as Timbaland, Emsee Denters, Rihanna, T.I, Ciara and many more (ooooh Justin stop teasing us!). Even though hes been off the music radar he still cant help dipping in and out. Here's his latest leak called Take You Down.... I sincerely hope that this is the shining light for a new album!

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