Tuesday, 31 May 2011

NEW! Maverick Sabre - Let Me Go

Did you listen to this on Mistajam's radio show yesterday? Well I did! I usually listen to his show but I specifically tuned in to hear the first play of Maverick Sabre's latest single 'Let Me Go'.
As usual Maverick pulls out all the stops for the old school meets new school track which combines his stunning vocals with some crazy saxophone instrumental. He also most recently filmed a video for this single in Las Vegas, talk about doing it big ah?
Words can't describe how excited I am to hear his full album and go see him live!!!!!!
Check out the new single below.

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NEW VIDEO! ZDot ft Lauren Mason & Warlock - Ammunition

You know about ZDot's latest mixtape 'A New Light' right! Of course you do because you read this blog all the time and have noticed that I blog about crazy hot british music, and that is what ZDot is giving us.

That is clearly shown in the latest video from the mixtape for the track 'Ammunition' (one of my favourite tracks from the mixtape) featuring Lauren Mason and Warlock.

Loving loving loving this track! Check it outttttttttt.

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Monday, 30 May 2011

COVER! - Professor Green & Maverick Sabre - I Need A Dollar (Aloe Blacc Cover)


Why haven't I heard this before! This completely slipped off my radar. My Bad!

Nevertheless this is hot cover of Aloe Blacc's I Need A Dollar by Professor Green and Maverick Sabre which they recently did in the BBC 1Xtra live lounge.

Its fire. Nuff Said.

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COVER! - Nicole Scherzinger - Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)


It looks like everyone wants a piece of Adele. I have to say I'm not really a fan of Nicole Scherzinger, her music never really interests me and I think its more about the visual then anything else BUT right here in this video below she does do Adele's song justice. If that is even possible.

Here the singer covers Adele's world famous track 'Rolling In The Deep' with a full band at what seems like a Hollywood party for Hugo Boss.

Take a listen, its pretty good.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

NEW! J Cole - How High


Yes new J Cole! This US rapper is slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite rappers this year and with tracks like this you can see why.

This is his unreleased track titled 'How High' which is pure FIRE, right now as I'm typing this I'm actually grooving to this sexy sexy song thinking how sick his album is going to be. I'm excited.

Check out the hot track below.

(track via youheardthatnew.com)

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British Talent! - Jerome Thomas


Woo, talk about sending chills down your spine. Thats the exact feeling I get when listening to this latest UK singer who is now fully ON MY RADAR!

I first heard of Jerome Thomas when his PR guy youtube linked me his promo track and I knew he had to featured on one of my British Talent posts.

This London singer hasn't even released his full EP yet but by listening to his promo track below and acoustic sessions that he's done I can already see some mad mad potential in this guy.

His R&B/Soul vocals are sick and really something that I haven't heard out of the UK in a while.

Take a listen to some of his tracks below and get your ears hooked around this R&B rhymes.

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NEW! Emeli Sande - When You Are Near


Wiley's at it again. yes the UK rapper has just leaked this song from Emeli Sande via his twitter.

In the 3 minute song Sande uses just a piano and her stunning voice to sing her song 'When You Are Near'. In response to this leak Emeli tweeted saying that her album is coming soon and if this is anything to go by, then you know that this album is going to be something special.

Check out the song below.

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

NEW! Daniel Bedingfield DOES DANCEHALL.


I can honestly say I saw a tweet about this a couple of days ago and didn't believe it so I didn't even give it a look. But after seeing other people/blogs writing about it, I checked it out and saw that it was true. 

This is just shocking. Like WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!!???

You remember Daniel Bedingfield right? He sang that HOT song 'Gotta Get Thru This' like 10 years ago. Since then he's been off the radar but is he seriously coming back into the spotlight with Dancehall tracks!?

I hope because the tracks are actually pretty good. No joke ladies and gentlemen, I'm definitely liking his new dancehall turn.

Check it out and tell me what you think because this is so beautifully random!!

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COVER! - Mike Hough - So Beautiful (Musiq Soulchild Cover)


Theres obviously a big football match going on right now but that doesn't mean the music world stops. No no no, even on this important day for football Mike Hough is still giving his fans some crazy musical madness.

That musical madness comes curiosity of his cover of Musiq Soulchild's stunning track 'So Beautiful'.

The cover definitely lives up to his 'White Boy with soul' slogan because she sings the track beautifully.

Prepare to melt...

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NEW VIDEO! - Nicki Minaj - Did It On Em


I think whenever theres a new Nicki Minaj video the whole world gets excited. Could it be because of her obviously amazing lyrical ability, her exciting personality or her very unique look. Erm yeah its definitely a contribution of them all, but her look does help.

Heres her new video for her latest single, produced by Bangladesh, titled 'Did It On Em'. The video features clips from her 'I Am Music' tour and with artists such as Drake and Lil Wayne wondering in and out of scenes in the video and her clearing engaging stage presence you can tell that this was one hell of a tour!

Check out the DJ Scoob Boo directed video below.

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Friday, 27 May 2011

British Talent! - Etta Bond

This is the sort of artist that is made for my British Talent posts. This girl is just sick. Her lyrics, her look and her mad mad vocal ability just embodies what is British Talent.

Yep my latest discovery Etta Bond has stolen my heart and with good reason because she is an artist that will definitely be doing big things. Signed to record label Major, this singer/songwriter first caught my eye when I stumbled upon this track on youtube.

The track produced by Davinche (clearly she's already working with industry heavyweights!) titled ' No Significance' really demonstrates her stunning vocals and is a little something of what is to come from her first album that she is currently working on with Labrinth, so you know its going to be something special!

I'm official got my eye on this chica so whenever any new music comes out from her you'll definitely see me blogging about it right here!

Get familiar with this fresh artist.

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NEW! Greenmoney ft Roses Gabor - Into You


I'm telling you people. The power of a retweet is strong. Hey you never know, just one RT might land you a post right here on Buzzinunlimited. Thats what happened with this immense funky tune that was RT'ed by producer Funkystepz.

Being my usually curious self I checked out the RT'ed track, loved it and look. Now its right here on my blog! Result. 

The funky track is by Greenmoney featuring Roses Gabor titled 'Into You'. It's definitely a track for the dancefloor as those funky vibes and signature vocals by Rose Gabor definitely get you in that partying mood.


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Thursday, 26 May 2011

NEW! The Weeknd Unreleased Tracks

So I woke up this morning to a very pleasant discovery, these unreleased tracks from the The Weeknd.

The tracks are beautiful so I thought they would have been featured on his forthcoming mixtapes 'Thrusday' and 'Echoes Of Silence' but I guess not.

Below are tracks 'Rolling Stone' and many more he released on his soundcloud. There are no disappointments here because the tracks are stunning.

This guy really knows how to pull at our heart strings ah?!

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British Talent - Eliza Rose

My British Talent posts have become quite a stable here on Buzzinunlimited. Within these posts I've featured some of the best up and coming talent in the UK including artists such as Jay Norton, Luke Bingham, Ebru, Sinead Harnett, Mike Hough and many more.

This is the latest artist to be featured in this very talented category. She goes by the beautiful name of Eliza Rose and with her sultry voice she has already supported the likes of Professor Green and Lily Allen on some of their tour dates.

Below is her cover of Adele's Melt My Heart Stone which is just one demonstration of the immense talent of this new artist.

Keep a look out for this girl in future ladies and gentleman, I'm seeing big things in her future.


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NEW! Beyonce - 1+1


New Beyonce tracks are actually leaking all over the place right now. Hey, I anit complaining.

As well as whats rumored to be her second single 'Till The World End' this track from her forthcoming album '4' leaked after her performance of the new song on American Idol last night.

The track is very different from her first single off the album 'Girls Who Rule The World' and the latest leak 'Till The World Ends' because it takes us back to those 'Dangerously In Love' and 'Listen' days where her vocals were just enough to blow us away.

The track is called '1+1' and I'm loving it.

Check it out!

Here's her live performance of the track also.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

NEW! Chiddy Bang ft The Knocks - When You've Got Music

Talk about a leak of the week.

I stumbled upon this new Chiddy Bang track just now and got so excited clearly for the right reasons because the track is hot.

This is one of the track's off their forthcoming mixtape 'Peanut Butter And Swelly' (Sick name!!!). The song is an awesome collaboration between these two guys and electionic duo The Knocks.

I cant wait for this mixtape to drop and hopefully they will tour in the UK because I've seen them live and they're AMAZING.

Check it out!

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COVER! - Jessie J - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston Cover)

So I found this on one of my regular new Jessie J material/performances youtube searches today. Hey, what can I say? I'm a true fan.

This is her beautiful cover of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

I love it. Nuff said.

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COVER! - Oh My - Oh My (Tweet ft Missy Elliot Cover)

As soon as I saw this on youtube I knew I had to blog it! This is new duo 'Oh My' with their sexy cover of Tweet ft Missy Elliot's track 'Oh My' which actually gave the new 679 signings their name.

In the cover you hear the mad talent of these UK singers and actually I'm really excited to hear what else comes out of these girls within the next few coming months.

Check the cover out!

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NEW! SB.TV A64 - Scrufizzer ft Abel Miller

West London rapper Scrufizzer is definitely making his mark on the industry right now. With tracks with various artists such as Baby Blue, ZDot, Lady Leshurr and many more, now the MC is showing the viewers of SBTV why he is the next in line to blow.

Here is his A64 of him rapping his track 'Deep Thoughts' with some vocals from UK singer Abel Miller.

Just by listening to the lyrics you can tell that this is much more then just a normal grime track. I really can't wait to hear more from him in the future! 

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NEW! JLS ft Dev - She Makes Me Wanna

So this is the new JLS ft Dev track. Ermmm, I would say that the track is nothing special but its JLS so of course its going to be a chart hit.

I think its one of those tracks where the video will be better and more exciting than the actual song. *sigh*

What do you think?

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NEW! Mike Hough - Nothing To Lose (Rude Kid Remix)

By reading this blog regular (YOU BETTER! lol) you should already know that I'm a fan of UK singer Mike Hough.

His track 'Nothing To Lose' is getting immense air play and he's first headline show solded out super super FAST! Even I wasn't quick enough to get tickets lol. Damn Visa transfer!

Ah well, he is set to perform at Urban Development's event Re:Definition that you will be hearing alot from me about in the next few coming weeks.

Here's the dubstep version of his track which is pretty much fire to my ears.

Check it out!

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NEW! SBTV A64 - Luke Bingham

As well as Sinead Harnett, SBTV uploaded another beautiful A64 by another artist I have my eye on, Luke Bingham. In this A64 the UK singer sings his own 'Nothing To Lose' with a very enthusiastic guitarist. I love someone who has passion for their art.

You can see the British Talent post I previously wrote about this amazing talent right here - http://bit.ly/im0jBs

Check out the hot A64 below.

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NEW! SB.TV A64 - Sinead Harnett

Hey hey hey, look what just popped up on SB.TV ah?! This is my newest musical obsession Sinead Harnett singing her own song 'Notice Me'.
I'd previously written about this chica on one of my British Talent posts when Wiley found her on twitter and asked her to join him on one of his tracks on his soon-to-be released album. The power of twitter ah?!
You can check out the previous post I wrote about her right here - http://bit.ly/jd0ZbB
But in the mean time, take a listen of her acoustic A64. This chick has MAD TALENT. Daym.

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Monday, 23 May 2011

COVER! Leona Lewis - Let The Sun Shine/Man Down (Labrinth & Rihanna Cover)

Leona Lewis has been a bit of a ghost lately. Well, shes kinda always been like that, but here the UK star steps out of the shadows to do a quirky cool little Radio 1 Live Lounge.

In the Live Lounge she covers Labrinth's Let The Sun Shine and does a mash up of her track Better In Time with Rihanna's Man Down. I gotta say, Leona never misses a beat and always sounds amazing!

I cant wait to see what other music shes got coming out in the next few months.

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So the Billboard Awards took place late night in America and here are some of the best and most talked about performances of the night.

Nicki Minaj took to the stage to perform her latest single 'Superbass' looking bootylicious (as always) in pink and neon. I actually love this song and she also reenacted a sexy scene from the video which is very *cough* entertaining. *Boys eyes become wide open and mouths drop* Yep, Nicki is keeping it as sexy as ever!

Britney Spears also joined her on stage to sing lip sing her song 'Till The World Ends'. I dont know whats up with Britney these days. Maybe she's just making music for the money because she doesn't look like she enjoyed this performance at all.

What do you think?

Rihanna is one feisty lady. But you knew that already. This is her performance at the Billboard Awards where she performed her overly sexed song S&M with bondage and chains in toe. All I can say about this performance is that Rihanna knows how to get everyone attention and make a statement.

Oh and did I mention that Britney Spears also joined the performance looking mighty fine. Even though she lip sang and clearly looked like she didn't wanaa be there. Again. *sigh*

Beyonce absolutely stormed her performance (as usual) and she won the Billboard Millennium Award where in this video she thanks all those that have helped her. It's actually scary how much talent Beyonce has and the way she carries herself is something I admire so much. And of course her music.

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NEW VIDEO! - Frank Ocean - Acura Integurl

New Frank Ocean video. It's not the track I would have chosen to make a video for but nevertheless the track is hot. His mixtape is also getting official release which inevitably means he's gonna be storming up the charts.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else this artist has to offer.

Check out the new video.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

REMIX! - Katy B - Easy Please Me (Royal T Remix)

So I know that it's Sunday and it's supposed to be a day of rest so you might opt to listen to some Corinne Bailey Rae or Amy Winehouse but STOP because your Sunday is about to be shaken up.
The video for Katy B's latest single 'Easy Please Me' came out yesterday and with that release she also released this Royal T remix of the track on the Rinse Youtube page.
Within 15 seconds of the hearing the remix I was hooked! I've now probably played this remix about 20 times in a row. My speakers may need a rest after a while as I've been blasting out these hot dubstep beats at the highest volume for about an hour now.
The original song and remix is released on June 6th!!!

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KINDA-HOT: Fabolous - Up And Down

Here's a little something something from Fabolous that I found today.

It's kinda hot.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011


Yes, this is a monumental moment for UK music and SB TV team right now. This is SB.TV's 1,000th upload. YES 1,000!

SB.TV has been supporting, promoting and championing UK music (and international music) for years now and this 1,000 upload just further solidifies that SB TV is an extreme force in the music industry. Jamal Edwards and the SB.TV crew provide a platform for music unlike any other online broadcaster and of course they do it the BEST!

To celebrate the 1,000 upload SB.TV did something special and made a 30 minute video of some UK Legends including MC D, Mystro, Supar Novar and many more.

Big up SB.TV and here's to 1,000 more uploads.

It can only get bigger from here!

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NEW VIDEO! - Katy B - Easy Please Me

YES! I'm so happy this new Katy B video is out! The new video is for her latest single 'Easy Please Me' produced by Magnetic Man, which is probably one of my favourite songs on her album.

The mixed genre track speaks about Katy's ideal man and the low levels that men are on these days. OUCH! With this track its clear that guys need to step up to get Katy's attention.

I'm a big fan of Katy B and 2 weeks ago went to her concert at KOKO, Camden and actually got to met the red haired powerhouse. You can check out that write up right here http://bit.ly/lriQSP

But in the mean time, check out the new video below!

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Friday, 20 May 2011

NEW VIDEO! - Bluey Robinson - Showgirl

Fi-fi-finally a video for this track has been released! This is Bluey Robinson's official video for his first single 'Showgirl'. I heard this hot track last year and ever since I've been hooked on Bluey for more musical madness.
I also had a chance to see Bluey Robinson at the Tinie Tempah concert last October and he was amazing. Sick voice, sick dancing and not bad to look at either!
I can't wait to hear more music from this UK star who is destined to be on top.

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NEW VIDEO! - Swedish House Mafia - Save The World

I absolutely love these dance gods and its just been announced that they will be performing at Itunes Festival this year so of course I've applied for tickets.

Check out their new video for their new monster single 'Save The World' below.

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NEW VIDEO! J2K - London Girl

This is the new video from UK grime artist J2K for his track 'London Girl' was just released on the Grime Daily youtube today.

The video is quite cool and the track is kinda funky. Definitely worth a listen.

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NEW! Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy

Drake was clearly feeling very nice this morning and released this new track which comes from his up amd coming second album 'Take Care'.

Apparently we can actually expect Drake's new official single from the album within the next few weeks so I'll definitely be keeping my ears open for that.
Check out the new track below.

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NEW VIDEO! Keri Hilson ft Nelly - Lose Control

 I think every video Keri Hilson does she just gets hotter and hotter.

I'm loving her new video and single featuring Nelly titled 'Lose Control'. The track is taken from the singer's most recent album 'No Boys Allowed' was and of course has Keri's signature R&B vocals but also mixed with some Dancehall rhymes which kinda reminds me on the Rihanna & Drake Whats My Name collabo.

The video matchs this dancehall influence as in various scenes in the video you see Keri wining and shaking to the track but thank god that its nothing like the 'Way You Love Me' video. Nope, theres no crouch thrusting in this video.

Just beautiful Keri doing her thang.

Check out the amazing video below.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

NEW VIDEO! - Chris Brown - Should've Kissed You

Woo Chris Brown's work rate is mad right now and I for one am extremely happy about it! This is the new video for the US singer's latest single 'Should've Kissed You' from his amazing album 'F.A.M.E'.

The video sees the singer showing his signature tattoos and dance moves on a Miami beach mixed with some footage of what looks like a big Hollywood party. Simple but effective!

 This track is the perfect love song for those late summer nights and is definitely added to my summer BBQ playlist. Dont worry, you're invited ;-)

Take a look at the video below.

Chris Brown - Should've Kissed You from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.
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COVER! Alex Clare - When Doves Cry (Prince Cover)

I'm absolutely loving this cover by Alex Clare.

Produced by The Shining, the cover puts a furturistic dubstep twist on Prince's classic track When Doves Cry, which really shows us what this awesome new artist's music is all about.

As soon as I heard the track it immediately took me back to watching various Swedish House Mafia and Magnetic Man concerts. Yes, now you know that this track is hot!

Alex Clare's debut album 'The Lateness Of The Hour' is coming out soon and I can't wait to hear what else he has to offer.
Check out the hot track below.

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NEW VIDEO! Teezy - All Around Me

UK music is on top right now so could this be the next artist in line to be hitting the big time?

Well with material like this that could definitely be possible. This is the new video from London born rapper/producer Teezy titled 'All Around Me' taken from his mixtape 'MoodyMadness'.

Dubbed as the 'Fresh Prince Of Hip Hop', with this track Teezy is definitely showing everyone why he got given that title and why he is one of the ones to watch on the UK music scene at the moment.

Check it out hot track below and keep it locked for more Teezy material.

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NEW VIDEO! Beyonce - Girls (Who Rule The World)

WAHEY! Beyonce is back! Well she was never really gone but you know what I mean.

The whole world is blogging about this at the moment because of course, its Beyonce.

This is her new video for her first single 'Girls (Who Rule The World)' taken from her fourth album cleverly titled '4'. The song received lots of mixed reviews but there is no question that this video is SUPER HOT with Queen B showing why she is the big boss in music with hot outfits and amazingly fierce dancing.

I wouldn't expect anything less!

Check out the hot video and I can't wait to see what other tracks are going to be coming from this highly anticipated album.

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NEW VIDEO! - Parade - Perfume

So this is the new video from relatively new pop girl group Parade for their latest single 'Perfume'.

I don't think the song is particularly great, its kinda cliche and doesn't really bring anything new to the pop world but the video is quite cool. Beautiful girls, cute dancing and fun outfits.

Nevertheless their first single Louder was pretty hot and I'm sure this latest single well be making a statement in the UK charts.

I'm looking forward what else matter will come out of these girls in the future.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

British Talent! - Jordan Thomas

Wondering who Jordan Thomas is? Well aren't you glad you clicked on this blog then!!!

This is Jordan Thomas (as I said), the latest of the UK R&B singers I recently discovered.

I first heard his songs when someone was tweeting about him. Being the curious person I am, I checked out the unsigned singer and immediately liked what I heard.

Yes, this London born singer/songwriter is bringing hot vocals mixed with sexy instrumentals to our playlist and I for one am extremely happy about it.

To get a feel of what I'm talking about, check out his single I Need The One which was put out on Channel AKA a couple of months ago. And also his song 'Cold World' was is to be released on his up and coming EP!

I am now official a fan of this guy so for more Jordan Thomas music, keep watching this space.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

REMIX! - Lu Jerz & Frank Ocean - Novocane

I was already loving this track by Frank Ocean but this remix with Lu Jerz just puts the icing on the cake.

This is the remix of Frank Ocean's Novocane from his mixtape 'Ultra'.

The original is hot but the voice overs by Lu Jerz adds an extra R&B flavour (If possible!) to the track. Nevertheless check out the hot remix below.

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NEW! Loick Essien - Fearless

I discovered this track about 2 days ago and for some reason didn't post it until now. I have no idea why but nevertheless its a good tune.

Here's the latest from UK singer Loick Essien titled 'Fearless'. I'm unsure if this will go on his up and coming album but if this is an indication of the sound of the album then I'm very excited!

Check out the new track below.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

NEW VIDEO! GT Solo - BB Is Dead

For all you BB lovers out there this track will put you to shame. GT Solo's latest track is putting Blackberry's on blast and IPhone's in the limelight.

Using the JME - CD Is Dead instrumental, GT Solo splits over the 4 minute track with some London firrrrrre. 

I actually don't have a Blackberry so I think I am safe from GT Solo's BB hate. For now. Mwahaha!

Check out the new track! 

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NEW VIDEO! Revolver - Murder

If you like Grime then you should be downloading this new EP from Revolver RIGHT NOW!

Unsure of what the EP titled 'The Return' has to offer?

Well check out Revolver's latest video (which is one of my favourite tracks from the E.P) which will give you a teaser of what the full EP has in store. The track's called 'Murder' (Sounds scary I know but when has grime ever been soft and cute ah?)

Check out the hard hitting track below.

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British Talent! - Luke Bingham

So how did I strumble upon a musical gem such as Luke Bingham you ask? Nope it wasn't through his X Factor audition a good 4 years ago. It was actually while youtube surfing (as you do) and his single Nothing To Lose came up in my search box, timeline thing.

Being the usual optmistic me I had a click, a listen and it was brilliant! Amazing R&B voice, hot track and not bad to look at ethier. Signed to Universal/3 Beat Records and after also just playing at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Luke Bingham is sure to be making a massive imprint on the UK music scene.

To get famliar with this awesome up and coming R&B act check out his performance of his track Nothing To Lose below at Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Watch this space for more Luke Bingham music in future!


NEW! BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Footage! - Yasmin, Bruno Mars, Katy B, Delvin & More!

So Radio 1's Big Weekend is O-V-E-R but theres still plenty of performances to watch.

Below are performances from Devlin, Katy B, Professor Green, Bruno Mars and Yasmin. Did you watch Lady Gaga's performance last night? I was feeling the pregnant look.

 If you didn't see it then ignore my last comment lol.

Check out the performances below.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

NEW! BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Footage - Jessie J , Wretch 32, Chase & Status & MORE!

If you're reading this then your probably one of the people like myself who didn't get tickets to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Its sad indeed but don't let that stop your enjoyment of the festival because I am here to blog about all the hot performances. I'm a life saver I know!

Here's some of the performances that happened yesterday including Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah, Chase & Status and Jessie J (who was rocking the long hair! NOICE!)

Take a look and stay tuned for more Big Weekend footage.

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NEW! R.T.I - Cool It Off

This track right here popped up in the inbox a few days ago.

I had a listen and thought ok. Pretty girls clearly with good voices and the track is good but after checking out the group's (Name R.T.I - Ready To Invade i.e  Raquel, Tina and Ivy) Youtube page and hearing their cover of En Vogue - Dont Let Go, I know these girls have mad potential. 

And clearly the listeners of Choice FM also thought the same thing as they voted them to be the opening act for Neyo and Trey Songz's London tour this just gone February.

This first promo single titled 'Cool It Off' is a catchy R&B track but I believe its just the tip on the iceberg of what this group can do. With the right, production, lyrics and video their could definitely tear up the UK music scene so watch this space.

Check out their single and cover below.

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