Monday, 20 June 2011

British Talent! - Jareth

Ahhh it feels so good to have a little something different to look forward to on the music scene. This North London singer is looking to be sparking something fresh into the industry clearly by the looks of this video where she sings her track 'Heartache' as part of her new Black Cab viral series.

I'm loving her vibe. She has a cool folk/jazz tone which is so rare these days. This acoustic video is so raw and something I didn't expect when I first played the video. My feeling is clearly mutual as Jareth has worked with the likes of Sway, 321, Professor Green and many more.

Set to release her first single in summer, will this girl blow up the music scene. Most definitely.

Ohhhhhhh. Not only is that good. Check out same tracks on her soundcloud!!! This tracks are seriously something special (a bit of alliteration right there!). The story behind the lyrics and the sliccccck vocals are mad. I definitely hear some influences of The Noisettes and Roses Gabor in there. This girl is sick. Nuff said!!!

JARETH by jarethonline

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