Tuesday, 14 June 2011

COVER! JoJo - Marvin's Room (Drake Cover)

You remember JoJo? Of course you do, I bet you thought she was a one trick pony but no no no. This girl has some mad talent and with the release of her third album 'Jumping Trains' coming out later this year, she is set to prove to everyone why she is not to underestimated.
Here JoJo covers Drake's latest track 'Marvin's Room' and dear I say it, I think it's actually better than Drake's version. With Drake I see the track as every other track he's done. Its so similar to tracks off his previous album that I didn't see it as something to get excited about but this cover by JoJo is much more cooler.
She has some of the best vocals of a female singer and really does the instrumental justice.

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