Wednesday, 22 June 2011

NEW! Clement Marfo And The Frontline - Overtime

Clement Marfo & The Frontline. Whatta interesting name but....lets get back to the music!

This group is actually made up of 7 very talented people led by frontman Clement. They recently released their EP 'The Welcome' and with that are set to blow up the scene.

This performance of their track Overtime detailing what you gotta do to make it in this world. is a likke snippet of what these guys are capable of live. I'm liking the fusion of Hip Hop/Rap and influences of Rock which has clearly gone down well with other music industry heavyweights as the group have performed with the likes of Plan B, Florence & The Machine and Example.

This summer sets to be a statement time for the group as they will be performing at ILUVLIVE, Lets Go Crazy @ The Coronet (I actually might go to that party so it will be good to go see them live!) and a headline show at Plan B.

Check em out!

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