Tuesday, 21 June 2011

NEW VIDEO! - Teddy Music ft Marcus, Scrufizzer & Kozzie - Down With Us

Last night I tweeted about this HAWT track before I went to bed and then waking up its still such a tunnnneeeee. This debut by Teddy Music seeings the producer/rapper teaming up with heavyweight grime artists Marcus, Kozzie and Scrufizzer to produce a track that will burst out your speakers.

The track is fierce. A hard hard beat with the fast-paced spitting from the artists literally begs you to press that replay button. The video was also filmed at Urban Development offices in Stratford and erm, did I mention that you can see Scrufizzer performing at Urban Development's ReDefintion on July 7th! Yeah, I think I did.

Check out this hot hot track below.

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