Tuesday, 30 August 2011

NEW! Angel - Ride Out (Live Radio Performance) @thisisangel

One of the most promising newcomers of the year so far, Angel drops a live radio performance of his latest track featuring Sneakbo titled Ride Out. I'm loving Angel right now, his track Popstar and this one below is definitely a good sign of massive future hits to come. He also produces must of his tracks as well which shows even more talent from this young future star.
Also we these tracks its also becoming easier to google Angel. Thats always a bonus.
Check out the performance!

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COVER! - Neon Hitch - Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn Cover)

Ohhhhhhhhhh I LOVE Neon Hitch! She is the coolest, most fearless chick out there right now. Usually when people do these covers they're so generic but her ones as usual, have clearly taking some thought, planning and had her creativity juices flowing.
Allow the original of this track, Neon Hitch is what its all about! Yes Miss Hitch!

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NEW! Cover Drive - Lick Ya Down (SBTV A64) @sbtvonline @WeAreCoverDrive

I have to say I really haven't liked Cover Drive's music since they dropped on the scene.
I think they're a very very talented group that will definitely do well in the UK and around the world but Lick Ya Down is such an annoying song. BUT this A64 is so good, its much calmer, cooler and easy to vibe too.
Loving this. Can't wait for the next single! And this girl is most definitely the next Rihanna.

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Monday, 29 August 2011

NEW! JoJo - My Heart Never Had A Hero/Disaster


YES! The indescribable talent that is JoJo finally drops her first single from new album due for release in October titled Jumping Trains. 

The powerhouse singing sensation blasts out a powerful mid tempo tune which is quite surprising actually as I expected something more up tempo but hey, I'm not complaining.

Also, I'm not sure if this is going on the album but a new track titled Hero(My Heart Never Had A Hero) leaked on youtube which is really quite nice........Yeah, its nice! JoJo could really sing anything and it would be beautiful. (Wait no, How To Touch A Girl wasn't the best track!). Nevertheless, enjoy. 

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

COVER! Coeur De Pirate - Wicked Games (The Weeknd Cover) @beatricepirate

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is cool. I do love the French! Well this girl is Canadian but she mainly sings in French. I discovered this rather beautiful cover of The Weeknd's Wicked Games by French, heavily tattooed singer Coeur de Pirate earlier today. 

Here the singer drops a, shall I say, more pure version of the track. NO not pure! I mean intimate, but not that in the hazy kind of way The Weeknd does. Basically, if listening to The Weeknd sends silvers down your spine then this is a cool antiode to that problem. Everyone needs to enjoy The Weeknd and now you can enjoy some Coeur De Pirate along with that. 

Smiles all round.

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NEW! Frank Ocean - Best Seller

I mean really, is this guy capable of making a bad song? Frank Ocean in my eyes is slowly becoming one of the best RnB singer/songwriters of my generation. Yeah I said it!

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Introducing: Obii Say @ObiiSay

I've decided. I've been discovering a lot of America artists that therefore don't fit under the 'British Talent' category therefore I shall instead put them in the 'Introducing' category. Original, I know!

Here's my latest 'introduction' to you guys in the form of Washington DC rapper Obii Say. The clever MC brings a classic vibe and approach to hip hop with heavy instrumentals that include trumpets, saxophones, Xylophones (when was the last time you used a Xylophone!?) and paino. 

Did I mention his flow that perfectly carries the instrumental and which together produces an infectious head bopping movement. Lavely. Check him out!

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COVER! Belle Amie - Spaceship (Tinchy Stryder Cover)

Awww I've been a fan of Belle Amie since X Factor and beyond. Their sound and image is right and ticks all the boxes for a succesful girl group! 

Here the chicks cover Tinchy Stryder's Spaceship which is obviously random which is why I love it so much. GWAN GIRLS!

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YES PEOPLE. The new magazine is out with my music editor debut inside and the cover story of singer/songwriter Yasmin that I co-wrote. This issue really means a lot as it was basically an all new team and a complete new design!!!! It looks sick and I mean sick. 

Im so proud of the team and everyone that contributed. Make sure you pick up a copy in selected nandos, your college/school or you may at one point see one of our street team give the magazine to you personally. YESSSSS! :)

^^^^ The cover story I wrote with Deputy editor Jacqueline Eyewe.

And my music editor debut! I choose, set up interviews and commissioned two ones to watch, reviewed Wretch 32's and Maverick Sabre's albums. I also interviewed GFrsh for the new feature that popped into my head, Press Play.

And of course they're lots of other great parts in the magazine including Cooking with Rizzle Kicks, Inside Job (a page about how to make it in a certain industry) this issue's its all about fashion, Nandos with Flawless, an interesting article on Who polices the police? AND MORE MORE MORE!!!

We're amazing. And when you pick up a magazine you'll know why.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

NEW VIDEO! Leona Lewis - Collide

Ohhhh look who is it. Leona Lewis *slash!* Avicii. Oh legal issues ah?!

Anywho, here the X Factor star turning world wide superstar brings out her single Collide with a beautiful new video. Im still undecided about the track, though I guess the upbeat influences are refreshing I still don't think the blend is right. Her voice is far to strong for the production but I still see and obviously hear where they were trying to go with this. 

Hmmmm, its tricky. At the moment, it looks like I definitely won't be buying this single. But knowing me and my devotion to artists that have produced good music in the past, I'll probably buy the album. (But aside from that, doesn't she look super super hot. Daymn girl!)

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

COVER! Ebru - BMF/Echo (Rick Ross Cover)

Yes yes yes! I've been supporting singer/songwriter Ebru for a while now and here is just another reason to keep your eye and of course ear out for this amazing talent.
Here the British beauty covers Rick Ross's BMF for Link Up TVs Behind Barz, yes you read it right. Random indeed but thats what you want from an artist, being predictable is boring. Just ask Leona Lewis. OUCH! That was harsh, my bad Leona, I loved your first album.
Anywho, yes, shes covers Rick Ross with his raspy, rich tone filled voice and then goes into her own song Echo which is really something special.
Love her!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Saturdays - Notorious (Acoustic)

Oh I do love the Saturdays. Especially when they just sing. Notorious is definitely my favourite song of theres, All Fired Up is definitely not. I think they took the dance element a bit to far but you can't dispute it, The Saturdays can sing.

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British Talent! - Purple Ferdinand

I stumbled across this girl and her beautiful voice a few days ago and I really see something in her. Her voice is so pure, her tattoos and piercing might give you an image of her as a person but as the old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover' and I strongly believe that.

Here, Purple Ferdinand covers Rihanna's hit singles Only Girl In The World and Whats My Name that promotes the obvious topic of sex (maybe not only girl in the world but its Rihanna so its that kind of vibe) but in this sincere, geninue cover Purple shades a whole new light on the song. Shes completely changed it up with her cute blue guitar and almost doll like voice which is really endearing. 

Definitely check this out!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Introducing: Your Girl Likes Us! @YourGirlLikesUs

I came across this cool, alternative, dirty pop-esk group made up of a MC, a singer and a producer a few weeks ago and after liking and listening to their music over and over again I knew it was only right to blog them to the world.

They're different, gritty sound is something that really grabbed me. The music is very British in the sense that its quite underground and raw but has that stylish edge, like you could listen to this on a train but also jam to this with a group of friends in hyde park. Its the kind of music that has no limits in terms of when, where and whose playing it which is quality I really value in an artist/group. 

The raspy voice of the singer and clever flow of the MC is a perfect mix and the beats from the producer has that real haze to it. Do you get what I mean by haze?....I'll explain. When I describe something as having Haze, I'm basically saying its transplant but you can still see it. So you can listen to the track and clearly hear every part of the production but it doesnt overshadow the singer or the MC. It compliments it. 

This is definitely a group I could see working well in the industry right now. Love it!

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Monday, 22 August 2011

NEW! Louie XV - That Shit Cray

I cant quite remember how I came across this but its a cool little remix. I wasn't really on the Kreayshawn hype, I'm still not to be honest but this remix is definitely worth giving a spin or two.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

NEW! Ray Foxx Ft XXXX - Feening 4 Your Luv

I've blogged about Ray Foxx quite a few times in recent months and here I go again. My favourite tune of the moment by Mr Foxx is remixed by a group called 'XXXX' adding a more sexy vibe to this ever so catchy tune.

I've been playing this on repeat for the last 2 weeks and I'm pretty sure you will too. Looooove this! 

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Introducing Sid Sriram! @sidsriram

DAMN I wish this guy was British because if so he'd sure as hell have a British talent post but hey, rules are rules. 

Here American singer Sid Sriram drops a beaaaaautiful, stunning, enchanting cover of The Weeknd's High For This and Frank Ocean's We All Try. His perfect RnB voice with the power of James Morrison and the tone of Bruno Mars really blasts out these smooth tracks and gets completely under your skin. 

Sid has already released an EP that had over 10,000 downloads and I completely understand why because why wouldnt you want this voice bellowing through your headphones. Honestly, I'm really blown away by his talent I'm almost speechless. ALMOST speechless lol.

Check him out!!!!!

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NEW! Liam Bailey - Im Gonna Miss You


This year is really the year of soul. With the rise of Adele, Aloe Blacc and more, this has sparked a whole generation of young people to get in touch with this timeless genre of music.

Liam Bailey continues this with new track Im Gonna Miss You bringing the blues, reggae rhythms of a man twice his age. The layed back vibes from this track brings images in my head of my grandad and grandma dancing in my garden on a Sunday afternoon. So sweet.

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British Talent! - @Kyraofficial

Here comes another British Talent post. 

Its really rare that you find an artist that can sing about such a horrible topic but yet at the same time, make your heart smile. That criteria definitely equals British Talent.

London singer/songwriter Kyra brings an extra sprinkle of happiness to this normally sad topic with her uplifting vocals and cheerful delivery. I mean really, I know a lot and I mean A LOT of people who hate their job, they moan about it all day but when Kyra delivered it in this rejoicing way you almost feel happy about hating your job. Weird.

But thats what an artist is supposed to do right? Make you feel a certain emotion and at the same time deliver a message. But I'm not the only one who feels this, Kyra has gained fans everywhere in the music industry from the cool cats at Choice FM, BBC 1Xtra and Kiss FM to now go on to record her forthcoming EP with the likes of Bei Major and Printz of the Black Eyed Peas.

I get a feeling that Kyra wont be hating her job for much longer. 

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NEW! Emeli Sande - Next To Me


Here the woman of the moment drops into Mistajam's radio show to do an acoustic of hopefully her next single, Next To Me for the lovely listeners of BBC 1Xtra.

 I don't really feel the need to comment on this, its just immaculate.  

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NEW! The Weeknd Ft Drake - In The Zone


(Love the artwork!!!!)

Wahey, The Weeknd does it again. This time with new mixtape Thursday in which he pulled in some star power in the form of Drake. 

This track featuring Drake titled The Zone of course encapsulates all the ingredients of The Weeknd's tracks. Including the mystery element, his untouchable vocals and that ability to be singing to you but also singing right through you. Do you get that feeling?

As for Drake's feature? Erm, the track still would have been good with or without his input.

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NEW VIDEO! Ray Foxx Ft Lovelle - La Musica


I had previously blogged about this tune a few weeks ago when it premiered on the Annie Mac show but now theres a videeeeeo. WOO! Lovelle being the beautiful woman she is lights up the screen in this cool, summer tune. 

The spanish influence really makes the song POP and of course you can't get much better than Ray Foxx's The Trumpeter instrumental right now. That drop is killa. 


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Thursday, 18 August 2011

NEW! Emeli Sande - Heaven (Acoustic)

Theres nothing better than having an artist who sounds great on a track and then sounds even better live. So ok, maybe this isnt exactly 'Live' but its acoustic which is nearly as good (you can see Emeli live in November).
I remember when I first came across Emeli last year, through her collaborations with Wiley, Tinie Tempah and more she really got noticed and look, now shes a superstar in her own right. Well deserved. ALSO - check her out in the next issue of Live Magazine (as Music Editor of course I had to bring her in!). 

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COVER! - Maverick Sabre - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cook Cover)

I mean you really can't dispute this undeniable talent.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

COVER! Katy B - 90s Medley

So I've blogged about Katy B twice in a row but how could I not when it sounds THIS GOOD. 

Here the pint sized raver drops a sexy, clever medley of some classsssssic 90s tunes. You've got a bit of Soul || Soul in there, some Sia and a likke bit of, You've got to show me looooooove.

Honestly, if you havent seen Katy B live then you are seriously missing out! 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

COVER! Katy B - Let Me Go (Maverick Sabre Cover)

In a way, I actually think Katy B choose to do this cover especially for me. 

The reason I say that is because Katy B is probably my favourite artist of 2011 so far and I've been a hugeeeee fan of Maverick Sabre for years now so its really such a beautiful coincidence that she choose to do this cover. Yeah, yep she did it for me. lol.

Anywho, this is the firey hair heads cover of Maverick Sabre's latest single Let Me Go (go and buy it, its a tune!). The cover is really beautiful, proper groovy and in a way, really *long pause* classic. I mean classic in the sense that it keeps the essence of Maverick's track but still has that Katy stamp on it. Yeah, its classic. *smiles*

She also did her latest single Witches Brew which is probably my second, no third, favourite track from her album. Though her tracks are sick I think she sounds sooooo much better live and stripped back. Well worth seeing live.

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NEW VIDEO! Dappy - Tarzan Freestyle

Apart from this being a hot freestyle the guy dancing in this video is soooooooooooooo jokes. How can you dance like that with bricks in your hands lol?

This is one detailed freestyle, it reminds me of Jennifer Lopez's Jenny From The Block tune. Obviously not because of the track but the track subject. Remember how she sung about how, just because she has millions of dollars that she is still, just Jenny From The Block. Yeah yeah, sure JLO. 

I think I believe Dappy more.

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NEW! Cher Lloyd - Dub On The Track (Behind The Scenes Via @Danny_Streetz)


I honestly never thought when 16 year old Cher Lloyd stepped onto X Factor that later she would go on to be making a dubstep track with Ghetts, Dot Rotten and Mc Righteous but I'm very grateful because this track is so much better than Swagger Jagger. 

Here Danny Streetz drops a little behind the scenes of the video shoot for the track which I'm extremely excited to see. Check it out check it out!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

NEW! Etta Bond - Every Dream

Etta Bond is the next big thing!!!!!!!!! Remember you heard it here first. 

Every track this girl brings out is something different but yet fits well together with Etta's musical vibe. 

This one is kinda, its kinda, gothic in a way, its really quite dirty and dark. The production is the kind of thing you'd hear in a horror movie and you need to listen to it a couple of times to understand the story behind it but its really cool.  

You know how I'd describe this tune? Its a beast.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

NEW! Donaeo Ft Terri Walker - When Angels Sing

You know what I love about Donaeo? That as soon as you press play you know its his tune. You just knowwwwww! Those drum beats, that voice, its so recognisable.

This is the dancefloor king's latest single featuring Terri Walker titled When Angels Sing which I am really feeling right now. And when I mean right now I mean as you're reading this. I love songs that multi-task i.e where the production makes you wanna dance but yet you know you could just sit and listen to this on the tube. Also Terri Walker and Donaeo's vocals together are a perfect match that really takes this track to another level. Yes I said it, another level.

So we've had Check My Swagga Out and now When Angels Sings, I'm excited for the new album, Indigo Child.

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NEW! Luc Skyz - Never Lay Down

Woo whatta intense way to start a Sunday but when someones this good I'm not complaining. Luc Skyz drops another studio session for 1 Take Tv in the form of passionate track Never Lay Down.

What I like about this guy is that he doesnt just rap, you can tell that he thinks about what hes saying and delivers his flow in a calm but yet passionate way. Straight to the point.

I love it.

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

NEW VIDEO! - Aloe Blacc - Green Lights

Aloe drops us another soulful tunnnne from his album titled Green Lights.

With the rise of soul music this year, I'm really happy to see acts such as Aloe reaching the top! Im also really happy to see him reaching the top because his music isnt depressing, even though soul music is stunning, of course, I listen to it everyday but sometimes it can put a downer on the mood. But not Aloe! His music makes my heart smile.

Here's his latest single which is a bowl full of positivity. Kinda like me! Love it.

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COVER! Ebru - Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover)

The echo in the room is really annoying but Ebru's talent has made me look the other way. Here the London singer covers one of Frank Ocean's made famous tracks 'Swim Good'. The passionate vocalist decides to slow it doooooooooown by using just a piano and her voice to deliver the song.

An on point cover. Go Ebru!

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EVENT! Showcase Live - September 12th

Its always good to have good music events out there and it looks like heres another to add to our calenders!

The latest comes from Showcase Live, which relaunches this September, at Under The Bridge in Stamford Bridge Stadium. With previous acts including JLS and Jessie J, clearly the aim 'to bring a carefully selected handful of unsigned and rising artists from around the UK to the attention of the music industry' is working.

So whose performing you ask? Yeah I was getting to that.

Vida | New quirky girl group on the scene, with a mixture of singers and rappers they're sure to create a memorable performance. Check em out here - http://bit.ly/pQk92w

Paradise Point | (Really quite a fun cool band, energetic pop, don't really know much about these guys so gonna let the press release speak!) :) - Paradise Point are energised school-leavers who are determined to return credibility to teen pop music. - http://bit.ly/pEbtWS
Daniela Brooker | (Checked her out, shes a cool kinda moody singer, dont really know much about her so good good press release!)17-year old Daniela already has a very promising career ahead of her. She has been writing her album with Paul Garred (The Kooks) and Rob Harris (Jamiroquai). -http://www.blogger.com/goog_1744704825 

Project Alfie | (LOVE THIS GUY! Wrote a New Artist post on him back in early July!) Project Alfie is creating a sound which blends classic film soundtracks and soul. He has written with some of the biggest names in the industry such as The Invisible Men (Jessie J) and Future Cut (Lily Allen). - http://bit.ly/qyDcwb

Will Heard | (I've heard, do you get the pun?, of this guy here and there, gwan press release!) A charming story teller with an undeniably beautiful voice.The 20-year-old singer-songwriter from SW London brings a unique blend of blues, folk, soul and funk to the table. - http://on.fb.me/qDa0Tb

Date: Monday September 12th
Time: 7pm
Venue: Under The Bridge

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Friday, 12 August 2011

COVER! - Parade - Swagger Jagger (Cher Lloyd Cover)

I love a pop group that isnt afraid to step out of the autotuned booth and show'm watcha got *finger click* and Parade is definitely that. Love these girls! I saw them at a showcase once and since then I have been hooked.
Their catchy tunes, cool fashion and perfectly blended voices is a record labels dreaaaaaaaaam. Not convinced? Well check out their cover of Cher Lloyd's Swagger Jagggggger and HEY it doesnt make me what to rip my hair out.
Good times.

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COVER! Nate Young - I Miss You (Beyonce Cover)

I'm pretty sure the name change has been a challenge, its like losing your phone, therefore all your contacts so when you wanna let people know you have a new number you cant. *sigh* Its a hard life but Nate Young seems to be handling it rather well.
Here the 21 year old singer drops a cover of Beyonce's I Miss You taken from her album 4. Its a good cover but if you want just a few moments for Nate Young to serenade you then this is that time. Seize it!

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

NEW! Daley - Smoking Gun/Spent

TO BE HONEST (yes I'm shouting!) If you havent downloaded Daley's masterpiece of a mixtape which is FREE you should really go live in a cave. Its almost shocking that this mixtape is free because it would be worth every single penny if we paid for it but hey, thats the music industry now and I'm not complaining.
These are two of the tracks from the mixtape which really highlight Daley's amazing songwriting ablitiy and of course his indescribably, pitch perfect voice. There's really not many artists who have produced a mixtape in which I've skipped no tracks
Still dont believe me? Press play below.

Download the mixtape at www.daley.tv
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COVER! Ky Oshi - Love Is A Losing Game (Amy Winehouse Cover)

Oh I do love it when a new artist comes on my radar.

Camden singer Ky Oshi (great name! Also when you put it together, it is the name of a North London indie band #randomfact) blew me away with her cover of Amy Winehouse's Love Is A Losing Game. With her deep, Jazz Cafe worthy voice with a raspy tone, she is definitely creating an unique sound.

Also, when it comes to Amy Winehouse covers I'm particularly critical as she is one of my favourite artists but dont worry Ky, you did it justice. Currently unsigned but with such a huge talent, theres no doubt this girl will be spreading her beautiful music talents across the UK within the next few years.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

INTERVIEW! - @SineadHarnett

Ahhh, I still remember that night where at 2am, Wiley took to his twitter to search for a female singer to sing a hook on one of his tracks. Twitter was literally going crazy with suggestions but this girl stood out above everyone else.

Yes Sinead Harnett was chosen and since then has gone on to perform at SBTV's Website Launch Party, had an A64, supported Maverick Sabre and Eric Benet and is firmly imprinted in everyone's minds as a future star.

In knowing this I quickly grabbed the singer for an interview to find out more about her. What she likes. What type of music shes into. How she grew up. What she thought of working with Wiley and of course the most important question, whats next? Click picture to see interview.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Behind The Scenes: Cleo Sol ft Gappy Ranks 'High'

A few weeks ago I popped down to the shooting of Cleo Sol's video shoot for her first single 'High'. In case you havent already seen it heres the Behind The Scenes article I wrote and photos by Ajay Nair via the Live Magazine website.

Adding some colour to the sunny streets of Ladbroke Grove. Portobello Road was the setting for collaboration queen turned solo songstress Cleo Sol’s video shoot for her first single ‘High’. The curly haired beauty looked relaxed and cheerful on the colourful shoot as she switched from scene to scene going from the streets of Portbello, to bar Mau Mau and more locations around this lively area wearing bright dresses, statement shorts, crop tops and to die for heels.

The setting was perfect for the summer inspired track which is sure to set carnival session on fire. It makes a statement with its jazz and motown influences coupled with Cleo’s soulful vocals. The soon to be released video saw Cleo Sol’s supporters all head down to the shoot as she felt ‘really really good, Im really excited, I’ve got lots of friends and family coming down and the team helping out with everything’.

On the concept of the track and video Cleo describes it as ‘it basically like a summer tune, really light-hearted, its about liking a guy and he doesn’t know so that’s what the video’s about, its a lot of me speaking about it to the camera….its lighthearted fun’. As well as this being the West London singer first solo video shoot, she also has the up and coming album release to look forward to which she said shes in the process of ‘finishing it off, it can be done but I want it perfect so I don’t feel like I’m there yet but very very soon I will be’.
The previous photos were taken by Ajay Nair, the ones below are the ones I took.

Also at the shoot, Jamaican star Gappy Ranks came down to drop his remix for the track. The musician definitely bought a dancehall flavour to the song and also kept many people entertained with his, shall we say, energetic personality.

Here's the video in full and definitely keep your eyes on Cleo gigging around summer with this smash.

Words: Leanne Joseph
Photographer: Ajay Nair

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