Saturday, 27 August 2011

COVER! Coeur De Pirate - Wicked Games (The Weeknd Cover) @beatricepirate

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is cool. I do love the French! Well this girl is Canadian but she mainly sings in French. I discovered this rather beautiful cover of The Weeknd's Wicked Games by French, heavily tattooed singer Coeur de Pirate earlier today. 

Here the singer drops a, shall I say, more pure version of the track. NO not pure! I mean intimate, but not that in the hazy kind of way The Weeknd does. Basically, if listening to The Weeknd sends silvers down your spine then this is a cool antiode to that problem. Everyone needs to enjoy The Weeknd and now you can enjoy some Coeur De Pirate along with that. 

Smiles all round.

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