Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Introducing: Your Girl Likes Us! @YourGirlLikesUs

I came across this cool, alternative, dirty pop-esk group made up of a MC, a singer and a producer a few weeks ago and after liking and listening to their music over and over again I knew it was only right to blog them to the world.

They're different, gritty sound is something that really grabbed me. The music is very British in the sense that its quite underground and raw but has that stylish edge, like you could listen to this on a train but also jam to this with a group of friends in hyde park. Its the kind of music that has no limits in terms of when, where and whose playing it which is quality I really value in an artist/group. 

The raspy voice of the singer and clever flow of the MC is a perfect mix and the beats from the producer has that real haze to it. Do you get what I mean by haze?....I'll explain. When I describe something as having Haze, I'm basically saying its transplant but you can still see it. So you can listen to the track and clearly hear every part of the production but it doesnt overshadow the singer or the MC. It compliments it. 

This is definitely a group I could see working well in the industry right now. Love it!

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