Sunday, 14 August 2011

NEW! Donaeo Ft Terri Walker - When Angels Sing

You know what I love about Donaeo? That as soon as you press play you know its his tune. You just knowwwwww! Those drum beats, that voice, its so recognisable.

This is the dancefloor king's latest single featuring Terri Walker titled When Angels Sing which I am really feeling right now. And when I mean right now I mean as you're reading this. I love songs that multi-task i.e where the production makes you wanna dance but yet you know you could just sit and listen to this on the tube. Also Terri Walker and Donaeo's vocals together are a perfect match that really takes this track to another level. Yes I said it, another level.

So we've had Check My Swagga Out and now When Angels Sings, I'm excited for the new album, Indigo Child.

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