Saturday, 27 August 2011


YES PEOPLE. The new magazine is out with my music editor debut inside and the cover story of singer/songwriter Yasmin that I co-wrote. This issue really means a lot as it was basically an all new team and a complete new design!!!! It looks sick and I mean sick. 

Im so proud of the team and everyone that contributed. Make sure you pick up a copy in selected nandos, your college/school or you may at one point see one of our street team give the magazine to you personally. YESSSSS! :)

^^^^ The cover story I wrote with Deputy editor Jacqueline Eyewe.

And my music editor debut! I choose, set up interviews and commissioned two ones to watch, reviewed Wretch 32's and Maverick Sabre's albums. I also interviewed GFrsh for the new feature that popped into my head, Press Play.

And of course they're lots of other great parts in the magazine including Cooking with Rizzle Kicks, Inside Job (a page about how to make it in a certain industry) this issue's its all about fashion, Nandos with Flawless, an interesting article on Who polices the police? AND MORE MORE MORE!!!

We're amazing. And when you pick up a magazine you'll know why.

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