Friday, 26 August 2011

NEW VIDEO! Leona Lewis - Collide

Ohhhh look who is it. Leona Lewis *slash!* Avicii. Oh legal issues ah?!

Anywho, here the X Factor star turning world wide superstar brings out her single Collide with a beautiful new video. Im still undecided about the track, though I guess the upbeat influences are refreshing I still don't think the blend is right. Her voice is far to strong for the production but I still see and obviously hear where they were trying to go with this. 

Hmmmm, its tricky. At the moment, it looks like I definitely won't be buying this single. But knowing me and my devotion to artists that have produced good music in the past, I'll probably buy the album. (But aside from that, doesn't she look super super hot. Daymn girl!)

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