Wednesday, 21 September 2011

British Talent! - 10 Reasons To Live @10reasonstolive

Ahhhhh you know those songs that just make you smile. Well ever James Morrison song does that for me, he is without a doubt one of my favourite artists. Period. So when I saw this cover on youtube I was, to say the lest a bit sceptically but those worries were quickly dispelled when I clicked on that beautiful play button.
I came across this band from Liverpool who go by the name of 10 Reasons To Live next week and I've been replaying their covers on youtube ever since. I mean with covers you can go two ways really. Do the cover and do it justice or do it better, or completely change it up.
Here the band decide to not do all that craziness (like adding rap - who adds rap to a James Morrison song?! The things you find on youtube ah?) and decided to do a simple arrangement with just their instruments and lovely lead vocals from singer Ste to deliver Wonderful World.
Even when the band sing together they sound united. The harmonies are on point and it seems like they're really a group that have worked hard on their craft. Love love love love!!!!

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