Friday, 23 September 2011

British Talent! - Aaron Delahunty @aarondelahunty

Ohhhhhhh *rubs hands* its that time again!!! Yes, that time where I show you another British artist who is a drop in the massive pool of talent the UK has to offer and that I find on a daily basis. *smiles* This like many of others was a press play instant talent. I heard 10 seconds of the track and it was immediate. BLOG. 

The pieced tattooed beauty goes by the name of Aaron Delahunty who is bringing some realness, yes, I said realness. The South London born singer/songwriter mixes his strong vocals with heavily rock/hip hop/pop influenced instrumentals and lyrics that will make you slap your momma because they're SO TRUE. (I dont advocate violence, partake or promote it....its just a figure of speech).

Seriously though, this guy is SICK! Think of a mixture between Ed Sheeran, Chris Daughtry annnddddd Plan B? Yes, I hear a little bit of Stay Too Long in there. *opera voice* Loooooveeeee him. *opera voice*

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