Friday, 16 September 2011

COVER! Delilah - Little Man (Sia Cover) @delilahmusic @THISISMAXONLINE

I dont know what it is about Delilah, she seems to really interest me more right now then any other artist right nowt. Well I know exactly what it is, its her mystery. Like where did she come from, she seemed to pop out of no where! Hm.

 Anywho. As her musical journey continues we see more and more of her talent and what vibe shes coming with. Here Delilah shows more of a playful side with this fun, groovy cover of Sia's Little Man. Katy B also done a cover of this, I'm kinda on the fence as to who done it better but its all love here on this blog so ethier way, both artists did it justice.

Props to Max from Choice FM for getting her in! Love it.

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