Friday, 30 September 2011

COVER! Josh Kumra - Quickie (Miguel Cover) @JoshKumra

Josh Kurma is pretty much the NEXT BIG THING. 

His fanbase has exploded since the Wretch 32 track and with good reason because he sounds beautiful on it. But now that time has passed and its time for Josh to step out on his own with his forthcoming EP. I hope there's a forthcoming EP? Is there? I suspect so. 

Anywho, here Josh gives us another reason to call him THE NEXT BIG THING with his very folk/soulfully rich (was that the right terminology? soulfully rich? Hmmm) cover of Miguel's sex driven tune Quickie. His female fans will be swooning. 

Its a lovely cover, perfect for the end of festival season, a nice calm down and a perfect antidote if you're having severe withdrawn symptoms form the leak of Josh vocals in your ear drum.

Go Josh! You're THE NEXT BIG THING........ oh did I mention that? 

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