Wednesday, 14 September 2011

British Talent - London Grammar @londongrammar

Ah purity. That is the immediate word I think of when I hear the beautifully intimate voice of lead singer Hannah Reid, of Indie/Folk/Pop group London Grammar. The trio from Nottingham came to my attention a week or so ago and I've been refreshing their soundcloud page for updates ever since. My constant refreshing clearly hasn't worked so I guess we'll just have to made do for now. (But that is a good sign for good things to come!)

The classic, british group mix cool, simple storytelling lyrics and instrumentals with Hannah's Florence and The Machine esk, powerful voice to create a soft, busking, cool sound that is crying to be played at a festival on a beautiful summer's day.

This group is interesting. I could see them going down The Ting Tings kinda route (being edgy and something very modern), but also down the route of The Script by enforcing those big pop chorus and production. Hmmm, watch this space I guess!

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