Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Introducing - Theo Martins @TheoMartins

Hm *ponders* how did I come across the hip hop madness that is Theo Martins? *ponders further* I've forgotten but I'm glad that through my long searches for the best new music out there that I found him. 

Theo Martins is a hip hop/funk rapper from Rhode Island in that big country called America. He caught my eye mainly because of his old school approach to rap music, theres no real influence of I guess, modern instrumentals, its very old school and brings me back to the days of the greats of Hip Hop.

Now you may very well disagree with my previous statement as clearly below Theo did a remix of Plan B's track Love Goes Down which is of course, very modern. But the difference is that he's bringing a refreshing flashback to the powerful passion behind rap and a more, I guess, serious approach to it. This is hip hop that doesn't take any shit and doesn't use the facade of girls, money, sex, and violence that in turn clouds the true meaning of the song.

Now obviously not every current hip hop artist does that but its present in today's hip hop and as well as liking those songs, its nice to have something real bought too the table. Here Theo Martins music just makes us all remember that with a man's rhymes and an instrumental, a clever and therefore engaging story can be told.

Props to you Theo!

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