Tuesday, 13 September 2011

NEW! Delilah - Hater/Breathe/I Can Feel You

FINALLY we get some more material from the ever mysterious Delilah, the songstress is quickly leaving her collaboration with Chase and Status behind to form her own limelight with her new ep GO.

 Of course we've heard the titled track Go but here are 3 tracks you may have not of heard (well you wouldnt have unless you bought the EP) called I Can Feel You, Hater and Breathe.

My personal favourites are Hater and Breathe. Though the tracks dont really show anything different from Delilah's past tracks (all 3 of them), in the sense that its the same, airy, ghost like sound. In Hater you see a more personal side to Delilah and I guess, get a tiny view into her mind and point of view, whereas in other tracks they dont do that (adding to her mysterious image). Breathe is really cool as it explores (a little bit) more with drum and bass and other genre influences that keep you wondering what you're going to hear second after second.

On the soundcloud its labelled as Alternative Pop, umm, to me its more 26th Century Soul.

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