Friday, 23 September 2011

NEW! Dionne Bromfield ft Mz Bratt - Ouch (Demons Never Die Mix)

Ohhhhhhh Dionne. *shakes head* Dionne, Dionne, Dionne. You're soooooo talented its scary, forget the Amy comparison for  a minute, you're a talent in your own right and this doesnt showcase that. *sigh*. Though I do enjoy this track I would describe it as like having a full Sunday dinner.  Why?

It was nice while it lasted but at the end you feel bloated and really wished you didnt eat that last potato but like always, you're more than likely going to do the same next week. I.E - its a song that you play once in a while because you think 'I havent heard this in ageeeesssss' then after that one play you realise why you haven't gone back to listen to it again.

*sigh once more* Nevertheless I do believe that Dionne will come out with that smash hit, its really just a matter of time.....I hope!

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