Friday, 16 September 2011

NEW! Ray Foxx - Butterflies @rayfoxx

I can feel the pressure on Ray Foxx's shoulders right now.

I mean The Trumpeter is such a TUNE and with Lovelle's vocal version La Musica really taking off, theres got to be a lot of pressure to remake that same magic. Well heres his new one and *long pause* its cool.

It hasn't got the same vibe as the The Trumpeter which is good as no one wants to hear the same thing repeated but this new song is definitely more experimental. Whereas The Trumpeter really had a set purpose, for it to be danced to, for me anyway it did. This track titled Butterflies is more versatile. They're lots of different sounds and genres mixed to create a club track but also a chill track. Its also interesting to think of what this track would sound like if it wasn't vocalled.

Hmmm, interesting. Its a grower I think. Do you agree?

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