Friday, 30 September 2011

NEW VIDEO! Mike Delinquent Project ft KCAT & Donaeo - Out Of Control

Oh my gosh, words cannot stress how long I've been waiting for this video. I first heard this song while I was doing my weekly search through radio tracklistings. I saw that KCat had a new track and of course had to check it out, My Destiny was a huge tune. 

I loved the song straight off the bat, you can't dispute KCat's stunning vocals and Mike Delinquent always creates the hottest remixes so why would this be any different? Welllll, it seems that the video version has changed the song up a bit so Donaeo's part is now over a which slower, break beat instrumental. Ek. Not a fan of that but even so this is still one of my tunes of the summer! 

My repeat button is getting worn out.

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