Sunday, 25 September 2011

REMIX! Kadija Kamara - Talking 2 Myself (Caligraphist Remix) @KadijaKamara @Caligraphist

Ah this is so stunning. Usually I'm not a fan of amazing songs that then get remixed for no reason but this remix by Caligraphist of UK Soul singer/songwriter Kadija Kamara's debut single ticks all the right boxes.

By infusing her honest (yes a voice can sound honest) soulful voice with jazz and folk influences Kamara's song Talking 2 Myself is a delight. 

By listening to both the remix and the original I'm sure you'll agree both are very enjoyable and spirit lifting, they just make me wanna run in a meadow with my shoes off. The original track is definitely more organic and raw but the remix adds a beautiful mellow, groovy vibe to the track which I am loving! 

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