Thursday, 20 October 2011

British Talent! - Delusionists @Delusionists

Describing themselves as 'A Hip Hop group that won't shoot you' is a really good start in terms of getting fans. I like them already and I haven't even pressed play yet.......and then, I did press play and turned into teenager boy in Game with his mum's credit card.

It's been a long time  since a British rap group has crossed my ears and impressed me (well I say a long time...check out Asteroid Boys) but the Delusionists have definitely captured my attention. There very much this-is-me-except-it-and-I-don't-live-a-life-like-I'm-burning-money-everyday lyrics isn't only refreshing but also relieving. It's sooooooo good to hear rap that is real but doesn't depress. Don't get me wrong, it doesnt really uplift either but its just relatable and entertaining. I see potential.

My Picks: Nature's Way, The Evil and Game Of Soldiers - Check em out! :)

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