Wednesday, 26 October 2011

British Talent! - Duke @dukemusicbox

FINALLY! I've been waiting for something new from London singer/songwriter Duke for agggggeeeesss now to be able to write about him under my British Talent category and finally its here. I can't quite remember how I came across Duke, probably another random Soundcloud find, I do remember how I felt when I found him them (I'm talking like his a lost child and I returned him home lol), I mean musically. I got a burning sensation in my stomach which is a hint of mass excitement. 

Right back to the music. Ok so it's only 1.30 minutes but its what I've got to work with so let the show continue. And even if it is only 1.30 how could you be disappointed by THIS. The so so soulfully rich tune is a testament to what this guy CAN DO! But also just a meer sneak peek into what is to come.
Come on Duke, release some more, you know you want to!

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