Sunday, 16 October 2011

British Talent! - Sarah Lillie @sarah_lillie

Ohhhh here's another chunky, meaty, sugar filled (meat and sugar? hm.) piece of British Talent for you. Gosh I spoil you, soon you'll become fat.

Here's my latest beautiful discovery, Kent singer Sarah Lillie. I heard her on an EP I got sent, did some digging to find some of her solo material and when I pressed play I was extremely pleased! The indie singer's voice is like a halo of purity and class, soooo tranquil and light.

The tracks I choose from her soundcloud below really sum up what I'm trying to describe. They sound like acoustics so imagine hearing her live with a full band behind her?! I see horns, percussion, drums and even a triangle for some extra twang. Ah, you'd melt. Love!

Run Away With Me by Sarah Lillie

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