Friday, 14 October 2011

Introducing - Audra The Rapper @AudraTheRapper

'Never been a sleeper, always been a dreamer'. DITTO!! Isn't the beautiful, complex, abstract world of our self-conscious such a magical place *thinks*. I believe so.

Ok so maybe my latest American discovery, MayBach Records signing (Yesss Rick Ross!) female rapper who goes by the name of Audra The Rapper, isn't quite rapping images of rainbows, lollipops and teddy bears that may exist in some peoples dreams in this song titled Beautiful Dreamer. But shes definitely giving the listener a nice view into her hopes, future ambitions and dreams of success.

With her steady flow and level-headed lyrics the New York City las seems to have lifted her thoughts right out of her head and display them to us in a manner that is relatable but also entertaining. Expect to be hearing big things from this New York girl very soon.....

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