Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Introducing - CJ Holland @cjhollandmusic

*Tick tock tick tock* Justin Timberlake time is tiiiiiiiicking because a 17 year old American singer who goes by the name of CJ Holland is quickly getting ready to take your spot. Yes, thats right!

He can sing, he can dance and he's signed to the same label as Jessie J. A recipe for success? Well it's a good start. I came across him today but there is VERY little music of his out there right now so we can only tickle our ear drums with is a teaser of his first single 'Night & Day' and his track with Lady Gaga.

The track with Lady Gaga is cool, I'm thinking it was a song that Lady Gaga recorded and he just sang over but I definitely prefer CJ on the track to Gaga. The teaser of his first single is also quite promising, a light mix of radio pop with R&B influences and his slink dance moves. Very promising indeed.

I wish I could hear more but it seems its all under tight lock and key, I hope he's going to be released in  the UK, we need a new American male artist, Mike Posner really isn't doing it for me. I guess we'll have watch this space....

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