Sunday, 23 October 2011

Introducing - Luke James @whoisLukejames

Ohhhhh, guess what I just found! Another amazing, fairly unknown talent from across the pond in the form of soul/R&B, chills-down-your-spine singer Luke James from New Orleans. 

 He may be waiting in the wings at the minute (in the studio as he's signed to Mercury Records/Island Def Jam) but you've probably already heard some of his music in the form the songs his written for some people you maaaaay have heard of like Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and more. What really caught my attention about Luke, apart from his incredible voice and *cough* not bad to look at face...was his versatility. From what I've heard of him it's mainly only been soul/R&B but I fully reckon he could do a Jason Derulo and switch into commercial pop or an Usher and go back and forth from ladies-screaming tunes to dancefloor fillers.

He also recently supported another artist in my series of 'Introducing' posts....Stacy Barthe. Whatta amazing show that would have been! Cant wait to hear what his first single is gonna be....

Luke James - The Answer by whoislukejames

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