Sunday, 30 October 2011

Introducing - Phlo Finister @phlofinister

I should try and enforce some sort of drum roll effect whenever I post these, theres no build up.
*Imaginary drum roll*....Introducing probably one of the most stylish artists I've ever featured on my blog (we she is a model/stylist) Phlo Finister. The Oakland California native now LA resident reminds me of Natalia Kills but without the whole, you know, scary-I-want-to-murder-you aspect.
I came across the singer/songwriter who is managed by the same people who manage Off Future, early last week and did some digging but the only real bit of music I could find was the track below and beautifully shot video in London to go with it and also a track she did with Peaches Geldolf! Yeah Peaches Geldolf. Random.
Though she does have an album, its called Silver Hill so I'll definitely be giving that a spin or two. It's hard to pin point what I like about Phlo really. She seems kinda like a musical misfit, drifting into different sounds and exploring what the musical world has to offer. Shes interesting. 

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