Saturday, 8 October 2011

Introducing - Ryan McDermott @RyanMcDMusic

I discovered this guy via another blog today and within the first 10 seconds I was pulled in. 

The groove that immediately filled the room was instant. The track titled If You Wanna Fall by American singer/songwriter Ryan McDermott, whose written for the likes of Earth, Wind And Fire is definitely making a lovely, light and simple statement with this soul/R&B debut. 

What I probably love most about this is the infusion of the funk piano chords and the bass backdrop. It  definitely adds more depth to the track and a classy pool edge that takes it away from the conventions of just another R&B debut.

Think of a mixture behind Justin Timberlake, Mike Hough and an early Usher. This is a promising start! Cant wait to hear more!!!

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