Monday, 3 October 2011

NEW! Nicola Roberts - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime/Take A Bite

I have been a supporter of Nicola Roberts solo efforts since day one.

Though I was on initially on the fence about her first single, it quickly grew on me and gradually I began to love it. Then Lucky Day came out it was preeeeeeeeeeetty annoying.....and I still think it quite annoying but hey, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt

Now the album is out and I've of course had a good old listen and I'm.....hmmm...not disappointed because as sad as it sounds, didn't expect it to be amazing! I thought it would be ok but with a few stand out, statement tracks. That didn't quite happen though, there are a few stand out tracks (see below) but they're definitely not a statement. They're like a pop ice cream that is nice at first then begins to melt.

Hm, ah well, I'll still support ya Nic. Check out my picks from the album below.


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