Friday, 11 November 2011

British Talent - Last Japan @lastjapan

Yoooooooooooooooooooo, where did this come from?!!! Why have I never heard of this guy until today!?? Woo he is sick.

I came across Last Japan today and have been playing his bassline, drum & bass, dubstep, funky, just general vibzy beats and remixes ever since. Last Japan AKA Marco Giuliani is a 21 year old producer/DJ from London, fresh out of university and already at such a young age he has seemed to have mastered the perfect recipe to make some gully tunes. He's had some mass airplay from Radio 1 in the form of his track 'Big Man' back in 2010 and is currently now working on his debut album.

I mean there was so many good tracks on his soundcloud that I found it hard to pick just a few. I read some interviews with him and this line from one of his interviews seems to sum up best how I describe my feeling towards his music - 'If my music was a meal, it would be… the first meal you have after you haven’t eaten in two days'.

Scanners (Crash Bandicoot Riddim) by Last Japan

Reach Out - EP [Four40 Records] by Last Japan

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