Thursday, 10 November 2011

British Talent! - Mahalia

Never have I written a British Talent post and had such little information on the person I'm writing it about. Talk about mystery. Ah well, I guess I'll have to make do. All I know out this beautiful singer is her name is Mahalia, I've heard shes about 13 and that she a hot topic for labels around the country. And with good reason as her voice is definitely something to shout about.

Her vocal is so innocent its really quite shocking, I didn't expect it. The way she sings, its extremely fragile and delicate. I love it. Not sure if she wrote the songs but with a full band, lots of piano melodies and maybe even a harp, she could be one huge problemo. I look forward to having her album in my playlist on 5 years.

RIDE - Mahalia by mahaliatunes

LET THE WORLD SEE THE LIGHT - Mahalia by mahaliatunes

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