Wednesday, 30 November 2011

British Talent! - Murray James @MurrayJames

Wahey, its been a while, well, like 2 weeks since I last wrote a British Talent post. Well hey, I dont give these out willy-nilly you know. My latest showcasing of what is amazing in British music right now comes courtesy of Sony signed, drowned in reggae/soul, Milford On Sea bred 21-year-old singer/songwriter Murray James.

Is it me or does Murray James make having a bad sore throat sound amazing?!!!! I haven't heard a voice like this in a long long while. Normally at this stage I would describe it as 'refreshing' - you know, because its new and unlike others but naaaa this isn't 'refreshing'. Itsss...itsss....antic? VINTAGE! Yes. Vintage. It's a beautiful, expensive, vintage voice which raspy tones scratch and hug your ear drums at the same time.

He's  due to release some material in autumn 2011 but already dubbed by Q Magazine as 'The Next Big Thing', it looks like James has a comfortable 'waiting in the wings' seat for him in the music biz. I'm excited for him to fill it. 

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