Saturday, 26 November 2011

Introducing - Iggy Azalea @iggyazalea

Wooza mayn. See when I find artists like this, this is why I get some excited about music!!! 21 year old Australia born, USA bred female rapper Iggy Azalea is one bad ass bitch. Yeah I say it!

Iggy, real name Amethyst, moved to Miami when she was 16 and has been rapping since she was 14. I would say her music is, no-holds-barred, hip hop marinated, slap you in the face hardcore rap. But not only is her music something to shout about but he look is definitely something that is worth talking about. Long ice blonde hair, big earrings, neon, metallic, everything that you think wouldn't go together, but its strangely does! Think Nicki Minaj mixed with Gwen Stefani. So could this be the full package of a new hit female rapper?

I believe so. She's currently unsigned but managed by George Richardson and Neil Jacobson from Interscope in the US this space. You can download her mixtape Ignorant Art right here -

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