Thursday, 24 November 2011

NEW ARTIST! Vox Halo Ft La Dolla - Criminal @LaDollaSays

Wow weeee, doesn't this make you want to slap yourself silly with happiness. After hearing this song I actually want to run around and turn everything into colourful skittles like that advert. And what a top advert it is!

This is La Dolla, the pop/dance act who is currently signed to EMI Virgin/Positiva. As you can see, she is like a ball of summer fruits and thats what this song offers, lots of sugar filled goodness, but its fruit so its ok. See this song could EASIER be your gulity pleasure but also a tune you're not afraid to admit with your really close friends that you loooooove. The chorus is extremely catchy, La Dolla looks amazing and the versus arrrreeee - ok.

It's definitely a cool track but I shall not settle for cool. Or good. Or sugar filled goodness. I want teeth-rotting, addictive pop. I look forward to hearing more.

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