Tuesday, 8 November 2011

NEW! JON MCXRO - Give It Up/Pop Music/Mercy @jonmcxro

I've completely forgotten how I came across Jon Mcxro, I think was it just a random youtube find but I'm in luck as a few days after I subscribed to their youtube channel, they released an album! Great timing.

What I really like about the four artists that make up Jon Mcxro - producers Jon Mcxro, Jon Street, RayRo, Jerm Beats and rapper Three from Los Angeles (who are actually the producers Stereotypes who produced hits for Far Eats Movement, Mary J Blige and lots more) - are I guess the simplicity of their tracks.

They're easy to follow, cool to bop to anytime of the day but its not just transparent nonsense. From their album The Fifth Of Never, here are three of the tracks that really caught my attention. Lyrics-wise and pure and simple vibe-ness. That's not a word but it should be, vibe-ness! Pop Music is particularly vibey.

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