Saturday, 19 November 2011

NEW! Russo - Lights Are Off Mixtape

I remember when I first wrote about Russo, well remember vaguely, I think I mostly talked about her cool she seems and probably is. Her music, also cool, but not as cool as HER or what I think she would be like. The single/tracks released of her so far including You've Changed Me and Laters Im Off are, ookkkkkk but nothing really groundbreaking.

But am I right in thinking shes left all of her best tracks to just be placed on her new mixtape Lights Are Off? Yes. I believe so. See, in the tracks shes released so far I believe her cool-laid-back-swagga seems quite forced. Whereas on the tracks on her mixtape, they're more rough around the edges.

Her singles seem like she's worked into a studio with a producer and said 'yeah lets make a hit!' whereas her mixtape tracks seems like ones shes done over the years and much more scrappy and organic. Which definitely definitely makes for a great mixtape! Singles or not singles, Russo is sounding promising.

Karma - 8/10

Fool - 7/10

Please Dont Gas Me - 6/10

We Believed (Star One Remix) 8/10

Hey Babes - 7/10

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