Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NEW VIDEO! Davinche ft Sofie Sof - Jay-Z Money @Davinche @Sofiesof

FINALLY this is here. Loooooove Davinche, I'm a super super fan and I can't wait for the album 'Open Minded'. I was lucky enough to head down to the video shoot for this actually in some swanky pad in London which was very cool.
The only way I could describe this song is beast! It's so...meaty. Yes, meaty. It fills you up with musically gulliness. It gives you a lot, from of course the monster production, punching vocals from Sophie Sof and, wait, is that? Nooooo. It is you know. Some nice bars from Davinche. Sicka. Multi-talented men, gotta love that.

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