Tuesday, 8 November 2011

NEW VIDEO! Wretch 32 Ft Etta Bond - Forgiveness @Wretch32 @EttaBond

Woooow, the video is here! I've blogged about this track in many different forms, the remix, the jam session for SBTV, the actual tune, and now here's the video! Loving this song. The honesty is so beautiful and real and the video completely suits that.
Thats what I really admire about Wretch 32's music, he doesn't hide behind anything, like the line 'how can my son call me dad when I missed the parents evening?'. That's so literal, he could have easily sugar coated that with a funky metaphor but theres no need to with Wretch 32. No gimmicks, no beating around the bush, straight-honest-passionate music. *Etta Bond voice* Hey hey hey hey uh uha!

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