Wednesday, 28 December 2011

British Talent! - Big Deal @wearebigdeal

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A lovely bit of folk right here. Big Deal are a duo I came across a couple of weeks back and their romantic, simplistic but yet emotionally fulfilling (Yes, I said emotionally fulfilling!) songs have had me in a daze every since. The duo from East London made up of Alice Costelloe and KC Underwood have been making music together for a good while now, with an album under their belt titled Lights Out streamed via NME, it seems that Big Deal are on there way to living up to their name. 

By looking at them you would immediately compare them to The Ting Tings and in a way ABBA (if ABBA just had one blonde girl) but no no no, there's no valid comparison here as the two's sound very much stands alone. Their music is very very blissful, its dramatic but not threatening, grabs your attention but doesn't crave it, makes you happy but doesn't make you smile, makes you sad but doesn't make you cry. Beautiful.

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