Saturday, 24 December 2011

Introducing - 0ne Room @0neroom

So usually when I find an act I wanna write about under this caterogy I listen to they stuff, subscribe, follow, all the rest, then wait for some new information or material to come from them but I had a feeling with this person, group, thing, it wasn't going to do that anytime soon so I'll serve it up as it is.

One Room or 0ne Room are described as this'One Room was born in the Lower East Side. Everyone knows him but no one ever sees him. People say he grew up listening to static on his radio and eating mix tapes. When he was 10 he taught himself to play piano. They say he speaks every language and never sleeps. They say the music was inspired by cold winters and hot summers. They say it took him 20 years to make this music. They say it doesn't sound like anything else. They say it was made in One Room'. Hm, a bit of a mystery isn't it.

But hey, lets analysis the music not the person ah? The music definitely suits the mysterious image of the artist, described as 'Trill' on the soundcloud, the music is pretty dubbed out and doesn't give out any emotion apart from unruly lust and adulesnent confusion. Is this a future genius artist experiencing with emotion through sound or a manifestationof trouble events that has withdrawn the artist into recluse or none of the above and just some dope music? Hm.

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