Thursday, 1 December 2011

Introducing - Rebecca & Fiona @RebeccaFiona

Rebecca And Fiona. Imaginative names I know but who needs all that riff raff when you look this cool and your music sounds like your swimming underwater in a trance disco.

Yes these ladies from Stockholm, Sweden with their platform shoes' are creating a sound which I can only describe as....well...its music that isn't so much about the vocals, it isn't really about the lyrics, it isnt really about the production. It's about all those elements put together to create a sound that I described previously as an underwater trance disco but now, as I'm listening right now, I'll describe it as a hot air balloon gas tank vibration with trance pop melodies. That doesn't make any sense I know. But ethier does this music. Hmmm, I'm enjoying the number of thoughts I have about it and also the lack of thought that goes into enjoying it. Hmmm indeed.

The two are DJs and producers who have supported Robyn on tour. So far they're pretty successful in Sweden and many places across Europe. The tunes below are taken from their first album titled 'I Love You Man' and is a heavy heavy mix of what I've been trying to describe above.

In similar terms, its beautiful music. Listen.




Golden Gate

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