Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NEW VIDEO! Shakka - Take Our Time @IAmShakka

I was tempting not to blog this because reallllllly, it isn't exactly 'new', its about 7 days old but HEY Christmas has been a busy time and music like this is timeless so lets ignore that fact shall we....

Gosh, I could gush all day about my musically love for Shakka. The musician/songwriter and energetic performer has stolen my heart with his latest tune, Take Our Time. The song with its infusion of pop/R&B and jazz is like a cup of tea on a cold day, an ice lolly in the middle of summer, it's everything you need from a song no matter what mood. It's extremely romantic and radiates simple beauty! Props to Jamie Coxx on directing this beautiful video too.

Ahhh, a full album from Shakka would be nice! Thanks. *smiles* lol.

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