Thursday, 26 January 2012

British Talent - Tijani @tijaniofficial

Woooo, FINALLY I can blog about this guy!!!! I discovered Tijani on Soundcloud early summer last year when he only had one song on soundcloud (Picture It All), I liked what I heard so in my usual fashion I followed/subscribed, the whole nine yards waiting for more musical gems to grace my ears then nothing! No new music for months until NOW!

The young producer-singer-songwriter put up tracks First One which has a sultry sex kinda vibe and then put up what I think is an absolute smash and sure to be a club banger if its in the hands of the right people, his track Max. 

What I love most about the songs is that they're kind of quietly sick, like you know that friend you have that is super talented at something but doesn't tell a lot of people and showcase it often but when they do its like WOW - yes, thats Tijani! Also, they're like a mixture of such different sounds, a little bit of House, with some Dance on top, a side order of R&B and sprinkle of two step. A musical meal I can't get enough of!

To see I'm excited to hear more would be the understatement on the year.

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