Sunday, 1 January 2012

British Talent! - The Milk @thisisthemilk

Wooza it's my first post of 2012. Dang! Whatta year 2011 has been but here, no rest for the wicked, let the amazing music of Britain and all around the world continue to be showcased on this blog right here starting with new band, The Milk.

The 4 piece band are turning the stereotypes of a stereotypical band upside down with their influences of R&B/Soul and Dance.! From Chelmsford, the Sony signees are a really interesting prospect for 2012 as the UK hasn't really seen an uplifting, most-pit-worthy and FUN new band for ages.  This is definitely shown in the tracks below, the group dip in an out of genres and experiment with sound as track Oh Oh Baby demonstrates the sultry, soul element, Galvanize featuring Random Impulse enforces rap and rock and pop anthem All I Wanted Was Danger is well, a pop anthem.

The lead singer Rick Nunn's Plan B, Maverick Sabre esk voice makes you rejoice in happiness or slump in sadness depending on the lyrical content and magical instrument arrangements by band members, Mitch Ayling, Dan Legresley and Luke Ayling. With an EP current out called B-Side and B-Roads and gigs packed althrough out 2012, I can't wait to see what else this awesome has to offer in the coming year. 

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