Monday, 9 January 2012

Introducing! - Kilo Kish @kilo_kish

You know that kinda effortless talent that it seems if it was forced or pushed would just shatter in front of your eyes? Yeah, thats how I feel about this girl. Going by the name of Kilo Kish pronounced Key-Low-Keesh the 20 year old femcee from Brooklyn, New York delivers a mixture of rapping and story telling dream-like lyrics that is bringing a fresh, laidback cool vibe to dubbed out, trippy hip hop music. 

Below are some of my favourite tunes I've heard of her so far, Navy is the one that got me jumping out my seat as the song is produced by the makers of an album I'm rinsing right now, Odd Future's The Internet, taken from her new EP, HomeSchool. Speaking of the The Internet's album Purple Naked Ladies, Kilo Kish also features a track on their album titled Ode To A Dream which is BEAUTIFUL (Listen below) and she seems to be a regular with the Odd Future gang as she also featured on Odd Future's The Journey To The 5th Echelon mixtape which is definitely a mixtape worth checking out.

But don't go jumping to the conclusion that she's part joined Odd Future for good, none Kilo is part of another collective cool Kool Kats Klub made up of Smash Simmons and Mell McCloud. I'm super excited about discovering this artist whose also a designer, it sounds like shes making music worth talking about so watch this space for more from her.

The Internet ft Kilo Kish - Ode To A Dream

Kilo Kish - Another World

Kilo Kish - Single

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