Tuesday, 24 January 2012

NEW! Mike Hough - Get Gone @MikeHoughUK

Lovely lovely lovely new song from Mike Hough. This guy is the NEXT, literally the NEXT! I'll just leave it at that for this sentence. I can't wait to see what Mike Hough's album is going to sound like, he has such a passion for what he sings and that in itself really penetrates you, you know, it penetrates you! Lol. 

Below Mike performs his track Get Gone at Maida Vale for BBC 1Xtra which as I said, is lovely. The full band behind him really elevates the whole performance and the fullness and punchy-ness of the track. Cant wait to hear more, Hough never disappoints! (Theres an interview at the start but if you want to just hear the song skip to 2 minutes)

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