Monday, 9 January 2012

NEW! Rax - We'll See (Acoustic) @RaxOfficial

Rax does it again! Continuing with The Black Crook Project, in case you forgot, that's 1 Video, Every 2 Weeks for 6 Months. Dedication and constituency right there, love that! This is the 7th video from the project as it continues to grow and evolve and it's probably my favourite one as well. (Though you cant forget the great Gingerbeard Man video, the 'bastard' line gets at me every time!). 

I like this because it is so stripped back, when I first pressed play I was expecting him to start singing some Jodeci, R Kelly or something lol but as usual I am pleased and entertained by what I've heard with his lyrical content giving you those 'Oh my god thats so true' moments!

Listen listen listen!!!!!

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